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Single Pack DE Safety Razor Blades (5-10 Blades)

Just starting out with a DE razor or anxious to try something new, these boxes of 5-10 blades are just what you need to get a feel for that new blade.

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Wet shavers know that different blades have different personalities. So whether you like your blades (and your significant other) Type A aggressive or mild and passive, you can try it on for size with a box of 5 or 10 blades. Especially when you are just starting out, it is important to date a few edges to see which one fits you to a tee. And different blades work differently in different razors, too. So grab a box, or two or three, and see if you can make a match! We have popular blades from Astra, Crystal, Personna, Shark, Feather, and more.

Single Pack DE Safety Razor Blades (5-10 Blades) Reviews
...they work great!
...they work great!
Feather blades
Great blades! Used it a couple times now and its still sharp!
Russians build great raor blades
These are very sharp blades, but in a slightly heavier razor they are very forgiving. I've tried a large number of bblades and thee workfor me.
Smooth blades
These blades performed well and gave a nice, smooth shave with little razor burn.
Personna Twin Pivot Plus Blades
Every bit as good as Gillette's Trac II blades...and way cheaper, too.
My husband hasn't used the
My husband hasn't used the razor yet because we didn't get a brush in the kit because it was back ordered. I did t know that, however, until the second time I called. We still don't have the brush.
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