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Single Pack DE Safety Razor Blades (5-10 Blades)

Just starting out with a DE razor or anxious to try something new, these boxes of 5-10 blades are just what you need to get a feel for that new blade.

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Wet shavers know that different blades have different personalities. So whether you like your blades (and your significant other) Type A aggressive or mild and passive, you can try it on for size with a box of 5 or 10 blades. Especially when you are just starting out, it is important to date a few edges to see which one fits you to a tee. And different blades work differently in different razors, too. So grab a box, or two or three, and see if you can make a match! We have popular blades from Astra, Crystal, Personna, Shark, Feather, and more.

Single Pack DE Safety Razor Blades (5-10 Blades) Reviews
iam still trying different blades
iam still trying different blades to which brand works best for me. i will be happy to review any of them when i have had a larger sample.
Very Good
I have an old Ralph Lauren Trac 2 handle that I haven't used since the '90's due to unavailabity of the cartridge. So when I saw this cartridge on WCS I first bought just the 10-pk and tried it. I'm very much satisfied with the shave that I purchased 10 add'l 10-pks.I hope WCS will keep them available so I can include the Trac 2 on my rotation together with my DE's. Cartridges are great for traveling also.
very satisied with product and
Gillette 7 O'Clock Super Platinum Double Edge Blades, Black (5 Blades) "very satisied with product and quick service.
Flawless shave every time
Feather Double Edge Razor Blades "They say these are the sharpest blades but Im yet to try one that can compete with that claim. Till then these will do. I have very thick hair so I challenge these blades but still get flawless shaves. My everyday blade. Ive never nicked myself with these even after using the same blade for 4 shaves. I guess these are for thick skinned men. Overall best DE blade in my opinion
The Best razor blades
Astra Superior Platinum Double Edge Razor Blades "To my mind, these are the best razor blades. Smooth, silky, very sharp, last a LONG time before they start feeling dull, and terrifically cheap. They are just a touch less sharp than the Feathers -- just a tad -- but much smoother (I cant offer a technical explanation of why that should be, but it just IS.) I have no trouble using a single blade for a full week with no discernible diminution in smoothness or closeness of shave. And they are a terrific bargain -- half the price of the absolutely identical Gillette blades in the white and blue boxes (I think they are made in the same factory with the only difference being the packaging.) I just bought a huge supply, good for a year or two. I've tried many others, but wont stray from these ever again.
Astra Superior Platinum Double Edge Razor Blades "Consistently excellent blades. Good in my rotation.
2nd place winner
Feather Double Edge Razor Blades "I like PolSilver and Astras better. They don't nick like the Feathers do. Plus, they're twice the price when an Astra or PolSilver shaves smoother and just as close.
Astra Superior Platinum Double Edge Razor Blades "Smoother than the Feathers. No nicks! BBS every time!
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