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Bulk DE Safety Razor Blades

It's true love! You've found the marriage of the perfect blade with the perfect razor. Now, never run out of your favorite blade with an economical 50 or 100 pack.

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You've done the time; you've vetted the blades; you've charted, graphed, checked and re-checked (or maybe you just found one you liked and committed). No matter how you made the decision, if you've found the blade that is right for you, then never run low with a pack of 50-100 of your favorite blades. This economical option lets you keep a fresh edge at the ready without breaking the bank.

Bulk DE Safety Razor Blades Reviews
Great blades in an economical quantity!
Personna Medical Prep Double Edge Razor Blades, 100-pak Though more expensive than the same blades offered on Amazon, I took comfort in knowing that I was paying a premium at WCS to ensure I was not receiving a counterfeit product (I have received counterfeit blades on Amazon in the past). The blades are fantastic and I look forward to enjoying them for many months to come.
Personna "Lab Blue" Double Edge Blades, 100 per carton I am still somewhat new to wet shaving. I use a Edwin Jagger DE89 & a Merkur 34C. I am still on my first Personna blades…one new in each razor….I have shaved twice with each razor. So far they seem to do the job real well.
Persona platinum blades
Red Personna Israeli Double Edge Razor Blades - UK Packaging (100 blades) These are the closet thing to Shick krona chrome blades that were the best blades I had ever used.
making a commitment
Gillette Nacet Stainless Double Edge Razor Blades, 100-pack I??ve tried a number???not all???but a number of blades on this site. It??s not easy to definitively rate razor blades since you will experience variations from blade to blade with any of them. But overall, the Gillette Nacets impressed me. They seemed to have less drag but also produced good shaves for a bit longer than some of the others I tried. Not the least expensive???I found that Sharks were very close and a lot less expensive???but reasonable. I decided I??d stick to these for a while and see how it goes, so I ordered a 100. I was expecting a single box, and was surprised to open the shipping package to find 20 packs of 5. But I??ve never ordered a 100 of any blades before so maybe that??s not so weird. Anyway, a very decent blade for a decent price. These will last more than a year. Then I may try something else.
Personna Platinum Blades
Red Personna Israeli Double Edge Razor Blades (100 Blades) Great blade, the quality is excellent. Will definitely order again
Merkur Double Edge Razor Blades
Merkur Double Edge Razor Blades (50 Blades) Merkur blades are the only blades that don't burn/rash me up. I bought a bunch years ago (they last forever) and realized I ran out but forgot where I originally bought them. Thankfully I found them here. GREAT website. Easy to find what I want. Point, click, buy, and they arrived.

For anyone who gets razor rash/bumped up, I would suggest Taylor of Bond Street shave cream as well.
Great blades
Red Personna Israeli Double Edge Razor Blades - UK Packaging (100 blades) The products such as blades and shavers are excellent products. The sharpness of the blades are excellent and the assortment of products is great and fun to review. Easy ordering too.
nice blades
Astra Superior Platinum Double Edge Razor Blades (100 Blades) Great blades.. I'm very pleased with them
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Q:<p>what is BBS</p>
January 3, 2017 11:01 AM
A:BBS stands for Baby Butt Smooth. This is a reference in the wet shaving community as type a shave you might get from wet shaving.
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