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Bulk DE Safety Razor Blades

It's true love! You've found the marriage of the perfect blade with the perfect razor. Now, never run out of your favorite blade with an economical 50 or 100 pack.

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You've done the time; you've vetted the blades; you've charted, graphed, checked and re-checked (or maybe you just found one you liked and committed). No matter how you made the decision, if you've found the blade that is right for you, then never run low with a pack of 50-100 of your favorite blades. This economical option lets you keep a fresh edge at the ready without breaking the bank.

Bulk DE Safety Razor Blades Reviews
Have yet to receive my order. Not really very impressed at all
Very nice
Smooth shave. I like them a lot.
Feather Blades
I have tried many blades, but the Feather blades are the best.
Long lasting, sharp and smooth
I got some of these in a sample pack and they are the best I have tried so far and I get 6-7 shaves out of it ... I could get more but i was imaptient to try other blades in the sample pack.
Best Blades Ever*
*For Me. Best Blades for me. Everyone is different. Get a variety pack and try them all. I tried about 6 different blades and, for me, this was the clear winner.
Pretty pretty pretty pretty fine blades!
Personna "Lab Blue" Double Edge Blades, 100 per carton "Personna "Lab Blues" are smooth and forgiving. No irritation / tugging / scraping. I shave three times on one side, then two on the flip side. Thus far, only used in mild razors: Merkur Progress and Edwin Jagger DE89. Great from shave 1 through shave 5! At $0.17 per blade (3.4 cents per shave) how can one go wrong? Tried Merkur, Israeli Personna, Derby, Feather, Astra and Wilkinson Sword blades, but find that these are the BEST, and at a bargain price. My inspiration for "Lab Blues" is Nick Shaves on YouTube,
Merkur Blades
Merkur Double Edge Razor Blades (100 Blades) "You folks had the blades I liked, and in a quantity where I won't have to worry about blades for quite a time. Many thanks.
Greatest! PERSONNA double edge prep blades No. 74-0002
Personna Medical Prep Double Edge Razor Blades, 100-pak "These are my new favorite blades. They provide a very smooth shave without irritation. I've tried MERKUR, WILIKINSON SWORD, and SHICK. These are good, but PERSONNA prep blades are great!
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January 3, 2017 4:38 AM
Q:<p>what is BBS</p>
January 3, 2017 11:01 AM
A:BBS stands for Baby Butt Smooth. This is a reference in the wet shaving community as type a shave you might get from wet shaving.
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