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Bulk DE Safety Razor Blades

It's true love! You've found the marriage of the perfect blade with the perfect razor. Now, never run out of your favorite blade with an economical 50 or 100 pack.

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You've done the time; you've vetted the blades; you've charted, graphed, checked and re-checked (or maybe you just found one you liked and committed). No matter how you made the decision, if you've found the blade that is right for you, then never run low with a pack of 50-100 of your favorite blades. This economical option lets you keep a fresh edge at the ready without breaking the bank.

Bulk DE Safety Razor Blades Reviews
Best blades
These are by far the best blades. I've tried Astra, Gillette Silver Blue, and the Gillette Seven O Clock. The sharper the blade, the less irritation I have. I have a Muhle R89 and these blades are amazing. I get a great shave and this is the best bargain around. I shave every three days, and I get about 3 uses to a blade. This will last me a while.
Smooth Shave, minimal nicking
I bought a few sample packs & tried lots of blades before selecting the Lord Platinum blades. Are they as sharp as Feather - nothing is. Do they give me a better shave - absolutely. I get a very smooth shave every time, with very little to no nicking. Those Feathers were sharp as h*ll, but they left my face bleeding every time.

Of course, the choice of blades is quite subjective, as is how you shave. I use a pre-shave (PREP), PRORASO cream applied with a brush, LOTS of hot water, and a vintage Gillette Black Boy set to 6. YMMV, depending on your situation, but if you get your beard really prepped well, you will get a good shave with these. At $0.10/each, I think that they are an overall winner.
Great Blades Affordable price!
I have used 1 blade for 4 shaves before I even felt the least bit of drag. When I feel a drag it's time to change out the blade and these blades out perform the wilkinson on my face which makes me pleased with them.
I can shave about 5 or 6 times with one blade.
Trieet Works for me
I tried many different blade brands by buying a sampler pack. These blades work out the best for my beard - quick, one pass smoothness with no grab. At $0.145 each, I can change these blades every three uses and it will take 300 of these to equal a single 4 pack of the multi-blade name brand I used for more than 10 years.
I bought this as a
I bought this as a gift. I am not the user
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January 3, 2017 4:38 AM
Q:<p>what is BBS</p>
January 3, 2017 11:01 AM
A:BBS stands for Baby Butt Smooth. This is a reference in the wet shaving community as type a shave you might get from wet shaving.
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