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Do you have a hard time taming your stubborn tangles? Give it some discipline with the Acca Kappa Military Style Brush. Not only does it have that militaristic look, but also bristles that feel good on your scalp. This product is made with the following:
  • The handle is made with East African Kotibe wood, which gives it an elegant look and sturdy feel. It is light and easy to handle.
  • Black wild boar bristles for that stiff but gentle comb-through that massage your scalp, distributing the hair's natural oils giving you that lustrous and smooth look and a natural sheen you have always wanted.
  • This 13 cm brush fits perfectly and comfortably in your hand.
Most regular brushes are made with plastic, which may cause damage and irritation leading to dry hair and split ends. Don't settle for anything less than what you deserve!

Size: 13 cm

Made in Italy.
Product Reviews
Stiff, prickly, but works with thick hair
I own both the white and black versions of this brush. The black brush is made with a mix nylon brisles and boar bristles (more nylon than boar). And that is a good thing if you have thick hair since boar by itself will not

be able to get past the top layer of your hair (I know from using the white brush). This brush works well for my thick hair, but you don't want to push very hard when you brush your hair as this is a very stiff and prickly brush and may scratch your scalp. How stiff and prickly, you ask? When I first pulled out the brush and touched all the bristles, I immediately thought of a nylon paint stripping brush that I bought at the hardware store (no kidding). It is just about as stiff and prickly. Still a very good brush though I wish the nylon bristles were a little softer. If you have thinner hair, go for the white brush.
Perfect for my hair
After reading the review about the stiffness of the bristles I knew this brush would be the one for my hair. As previously mentioned this brush is for those with thick hair. Love the brush.
I like it.
Very nice build quality. Bristle are dense and plentiful. Only down side is the bristles are Very hard and can be rough. If you have longer or very thick hair this would be a good thing but if you have short hair like myself it maybe a bit rough. I wanted to order the same brush but with white bristle but it was/is out of stock. White bristles are suppose to be somewhat softer per the mgf website. I am on the list to be emailed when the white bristle brush comes in, I will be purchasing that one as well. The black version will still get use and with care should last a lifetime.
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