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Whether you are looking for a Macauly Culkin burn or a zen-like soothe, it's great to condition and moisturize your skin after you shave. Splash on one of our aftershaves to leave your face feeling cool, smooth, and refreshed.

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Depending on whether you like a little invigorating burn and tingle after your shave or you like a soothing balm to revitalize your cheeks and neck, we've got something for you. We offer non-alcohol based after shaves, as well, for our friends with more sensitive skin. We have a wide variety of great scents to choose from. Please note we use the traditional terms used by most of our suppliers. A "lotion" is most likely a liquid splash. A "balm" is usually a cream aftershave. We also offer gels and milks. When in doubt, let us help!

After Shaves Reviews
Great aftershave!
I use this primarily as an aftershave and it does a wonderful job. The scent is wonderfully floral but still masculine at the same time. My fiancee absolutely loves the way it smells on me. It's a little on the expensive side, but given that you really only need about a pea to a dime sized amount to cover your face and neck, it's a pretty good deal.
Top Tier After Shave
Irisch Moos is a top of the line after shave both in fragrance and in how it makes the face feel after a shave. I've wanted a bottle for the longest time and now I'm quite happy I have one in my possession. It is used quite often.
The best sandalwood scent
I have purchased and tried many of the other popular brands from this website. To me, most don't smell like sandalwood at all - more like a fancy weak cologne. However, not so with Captain's Choice. This is, by far, the best sandalwood scent out there. It has that earthy, incense-inspired scent that I was seeking, and it lasts several hours. And my shaved face feels great! The scent doesn't disappear in 30 minutes like many other splash-ons. Take a blind-test and you will definitely say "now THAT'S sandalwood!" I love it.
Great Product
Was expecting a thin liquid; pleasantly surprised to find out it's more of a liquid cream. Overall, an effective aftershave. The scent isn't too strong but has a noticeable spice to it.
Not Very Limey
I was looking for something with a little more lime to it. I have a hard time detecting any lime at all. It is heavier and more spicy than I expected it to be. Not the light citrus summer fragrance I anticipated. Still a nice scent though.
Proraso 400 ml after shave
My favorite after shave. Fresh, clean, bracing smell and feel. Appreciate the 400 ml size, a very good value.