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Made by Proderma in Austria, the Alt-Innsbruck Eau de Cologne is from a formula unchanged since 1953. Proderma is a skin-care company first, so you know that what you're putting on your skin are high-quality ingredients. They don't use artificial colors, preservatives, no emulsifiers or silicones. This is not your typical department store scent. For me, one of the owner's of the company, I think it is honestly the most unique item in our store. It is a brand I often point out to our customers -- because it's just that good. We love their products so much that we became the exclusive US distributor for Alt-Innsbruck and other Proderma products. You may not have heard of this brand before, but you owe it to yourself to try it.

Alt-Innsbruck Aftershave
Alt-Innsbruck Pre Shave
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Alt-Innsbruck Reviews
Smelly Nice
Alt-Innsbruck Cologne and Aftershave Very nice product. Not only does it smell nice, but also get a cool & minty feeling after you apply it.
Alt-Innsbruck Pre and After Shave Emulsion.Alt Innsbrouck is a very nice product. As a pre shave it provides the glide and smoothness that your looking for . As a balm it calms your face and is not to sticky. The scent to me is wonderful. I think its a very good product and will always keep it on my shelf.
Worth it
Alt-Innsbruck Cologne and Aftershave.Outstanding scent! A little goes a looong way. Love the undertones of tobacco. Has a very cooling feeling after that initial alcohol sting. Love this one!
Easily one of the finer AS products
Alt-Innsbruck Cologne and Aftershave.The fragrance of this After Shave is just heaven! It has a fresh manly scent that is really natural. It provides a nice soothingly cool feeling after a good shave. The fragrance lasts for a while. I get a lot of compliments when I wear this one!
Pure Awesomeness
Alt-Innsbruck Cologne and Aftershave.Hands down the greatest AS ever created. The scent is great and everyone that comes to my home thinks it smells either nice or great--never heard a bad comment on it. Aside from the unique scent, the stuff is great on my sensitive skin.
Alt-Innsbruck Cologne and Aftershave.I love this aftershave. It goes on cool, the menthol really adds a nice touch on hot, humid summer days. The light, sweet yet subtle scent fades slowly throughout the day. Good, good stuff. Good price too.
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