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Astra Superior Platinum double edge razor blades. These double edge blades are Platinum plated and fit all double edge razors. Made in Russia. 5 blades per pack.
Product Reviews
By now my favorite blade!
Some kind between the Feather and Personna Lab Blue!

By now my everyday blade! Almost no irritation in all shaves!

Excellent Blades
Close, clean shave everytime, and with every razor I own. Are they the sharpest? No. Are they the smoothest? Maybe not. But at this price point they are best value for money spent, for me at least.
Two shave blade
Thick Spanish beard, Merkur 34c and Merkur Futur Adj, last two shaves and bites - scrapes hard. Astra Blade is thin sharp and dulls very quick. If you change blades every shave this may be the blade for you. It is not feather sharp, regular sharp for 2 shaves. 2015-06-26
Great Blade, great price
I just finished my 6th shave with this blade and it is still doing a great job. I've only used it in my EJDE89 but will try it in my other razors. to me it is as sharp as a Feather and is smooth. I can't complain about the price! Anyone new to DE shaving should buy one of the WCS blade sample packs -
Astra SP
These are great blades, for beginners. These are great blades for seasoned wet-shavers as well. Astra is a Russian subsidiary of Gillette, which is a component of Proctor and Gamble. It's nice to see P&G still making DE razor blades.

These blades give a really clean shave, and, they're not a very fast action blade, either. What I mean by that, is, you're not likely to 'over stroke' and, cut too much. They're not as slick as some other blades. I don't like blades are that are super slick, but, these might be a tad too far in the other direction.

Overall, this is a really great blade. They're not as sharp, or, aggressive as some of the other brands, which makes it great for beginners, or, those looking for the exact blade to fill their niche.
Great shave but not a fan of the packaging
I've been working my way through different blades and have become convinced there's more to them than just being sharp, sharper or sharpest when it comes to a close, comfortable shave. There are a ton of factors, including the razor, the cream, one's technique and maybe even quality control within each brand. In any case, my experience with Astra has been positive overall. I use an EJ DE89L razor and shave with high quality creams like Crown Shaving Co and The Gentlemens Refinery. Unless I'm pressed for time, I almost always do a three-pass shave after taking a shower. I've been shaving with Astra blades for about a week and can report no nicks, weepers or burns and a very close, comfortable shave. But I'm knocking off a star because apparently the packaging has changed since the photo was posted. Unlike some other brands, like Derby (my favorite), Feather and Merkur, that come in a plastic case with a slot in the bottom for used blades, the Astras are packaged in a paper box with no means of used blade disposal. While I really like Astra, I don't like it enough to make it my one and only brand. But as long as I have some plastic cases laying around, Astra's in the rotation.
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