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Astra Superior Platinum Double Edge Razor Blades
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Astra Superior Platinum double edge razor blades. These double edge blades are Platinum plated and fit all double edge razors. Made in Russia. 5 blades per pack.
Product Reviews
have gone back to DE razor shaving and experimented with 5 different blades (feather, bolzano, merkur, personna and astra). i shave once or twice a week with a heavy beard. hands down winner for me is astra. smooth and comfortable every time and getting about 4 shaves per blade.
Not for me
I had a horrible experience with these blades, I am nicked all to hell and like one of the other guys I too have stubble that I could not get at with these blades.
The Astra is a very Good Razor Blade
The blade fit right into my old Schick DE razor. After my first shave with this blade I'm impressed. It performed really well; better than the blades I used to get at the local drugstore. It shaved like a dream. If your new to DE shaving you might like this blade as I found it performed the task it was meant to without any issues, no nicks or cuts, and reasonably forgiving I think. I would find it hard to do better. :) I have some other blades I picked here and have yet to try as well but the Astra's are a great quality razor. From Russia with love!
Great Blades
I have been using feather ever since i started they are super sharp and agressive a good blade no doubt. But I just got a sample pack of astra today by far the better blade IMO smooth not to aggresive real good shave best blade I have tried yet dont know if I will even try anymore.
not too bad at all
I would like to be able to compare these DE blades to others available however they are the only ones I have ever bought. I do a three pass shave and these razors do an incredible job every time. I shave every day for work and I change my blade every four days. I would like to try a few more brands before buying a hundred at a time, but for now, they work great!
Best out of all I've tried.
I've tried a bunch of different blades that I purchased from West Coast Shaving and these were my all time favorite! They were even better than all of the high priced blades in my opinion. I just ordered 200 more of these blades I loved them so much! Wish I could kiss whoever created these beautiful blades! Five Stars!