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Astra Superior Platinum double edge razor blades. These double edge blades are Platinum plated and fit all double edge razors. Made in Russia. 5 blades per pack.
Product Reviews
Best shave ever
<p>Every face and beard are different. I've used the same name brand DE blades in my vintage Gillette razor for years because it's the only brand my local grocery store carries. Thought I would try these, and they are better than any blade I've used before. I'm 51 years old and only have to shave 2-3 times per week so my beard is far from heavy.</p>
decent shave and forgiving
<p>I have sensitive skin and a very coarse beard so I've had a hard time finding blades that can do the job without destroying my face. These aren't necessarily the sharpest blades but there is more to a good shave than just pure sharpness. These give a pretty good shave without tugging and without the burn or nicks that I've received from several other blades. In fact, after 3-4 shaves, they still give a fair shave without the nicks which is big in my book. That being said, everyone is different so I recommend trying many different blades before you buy 100 of anything. I just ordered some Feathers to try out but Astras will definitely stay in my medicine cabinet.</p>
Simply flawless
<p>I used this blade tonight and received the best shave I've ever had. Talk about sharp and smooth. I have been trying different blades and really like the red personna and thought that it would be very similar to the Astra sp man was I wrong. It's smoother! Only question is will it last as long as the red personna. If you are looking for a smooth blade I would encourage you to try this blade. You won't be disappointed.</p>
Good, but no great
<p>I started DE shaving the end of June 2014. I use a Merkur Long Handled Safety Razor, Proraso Shaving Soap (eucalyptus and menthol) and an Escali Badger Shaving Brush. This is my second time through the blades. I wanted to get a technique down before writing a review. I purchased Merkur, Feather, Red Personna, Derby Extra, Gillette Silver, Crystal, and Astra Superior Platinum. The Astra gives a decent shave, I didn't get nicked. In fact, I haven't nicked myself one time, since I began DE shaving. The shave was just not as close as I expected. I don't have a thick beard and only have to shave about every three days. The Astra lasted about three shaves before it started to dull. I did take the razor apart after each shave, rinsed and air dried. Not sure if this really helped. I got about three shaves out of the first blade too, without taking the razor apart after each shave.</p>
have gone back to DE razor shaving and experimented with 5 different blades (feather, bolzano, merkur, personna and astra). i shave once or twice a week with a heavy beard. hands down winner for me is astra. smooth and comfortable every time and getting about 4 shaves per blade.
Not for me
I had a horrible experience with these blades, I am nicked all to hell and like one of the other guys I too have stubble that I could not get at with these blades.
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