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Astra Superior Platinum double edge razor blades fit all double edge

razors. They are made in Russia for Gillette and offer a great shave.

They are sharp and smooth. What more can you ask for? When we started

carrying them, I (as one of the owners and testers for most products)

did not give this new product much attention. However, they seemed to be

quite popular, so it prompted me to give it a little more attention.

I'm always interested in a great close shave. After giving it a try, it

quickly rose to my top 3 blades and I use it regularly. We have also

included them in most of our blade sample packs because it is a brand we

feel you should try.

Astra Razor Blades
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Astra Reviews
Great Blades Affordable price!
I have used 1 blade for 4 shaves before I even felt the least bit of drag. When I feel a drag it's time to change out the blade and these blades out perform the wilkinson on my face which makes me pleased with them.
Russians build great raor blades
These are very sharp blades, but in a slightly heavier razor they are very forgiving. I've tried a large number of bblades and thee workfor me.
My husband hasn't used the
My husband hasn't used the razor yet because we didn't get a brush in the kit because it was back ordered. I did t know that, however, until the second time I called. We still don't have the brush.
Best I've foud yet
I've tried Derby's, Personna's and even Feather's. The feather blades definitely did the best at cutting hair. But they always seemed to tug as I started, almost like a worn blade would. I got two boxes of Astra free with an order and decided to give them a try. To me, they shave on par with the Feather but I never get the tug I experienced with the Feather. They just glide until they are old and need replacing. Maybe it's the way they fit in my razor vs. the Feather. Whatever the case, these are now my go to blades. The only real criticism I have is that they come in a thin, cardboard container. I prefer the plastic contained the Feather blades come in. And I really like that I can put used blades into the slot on the back side of the Feather box. I'd gladly pay more for Astra blades if they would improve their packaging.
Nice blade for a good price
I will preface this review as I do all shaving reviews, All faces and shaving styles are unique. I shave with a Parker 98R and a Parker 24C. I received these blades as a promotion from West Coast Shaving. I shave with Proraso pre-shave cream, then face lather with a Proraso White or Red, use 3 passes and finish with a cold rinse, an alum block and a balm such as Speick.

These blades last 5-6 shaves even with 3 passes per day. I got a close comfortable shave with very few nicks. My choices in order of preference so far; Wilkinson Sword, Feather, Astra, PolSilver and Shark. The real attraction of these blades are their low price esp when bought in bulk. When I compare quality of shave with price, Astra comes out on top.
Cool beans! Works for me.
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