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Best Badger Shaving Brushes

This middle-of-the-road option is better than pure with a nice mix of value & quality that you are sure to love. We would also note that within the "best" category there is a vast range with Simpson and Kent brushes being on the higher-end.

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Within the "best" category there is a vast range with Simpson and Kent brushes being on the higher-end. This is a great place to start with a good shaving brush as you improve your technique and preferences.

Best Badger Shaving Brushes Reviews
Great Brush!
When I initially started wet shaving, I had a cheap Art of Shaving badger brush found in one of their sample packs. I thought it would do the job for a long time, but after losing some badger hairs from just rinsing it with water. It was time to get serious. After doing some initial research with Omega and Edwin Jagger, which are great brushes as well, I decided to go with Simpson. I narrowed it down between the Commodore X2 and the Colonel. A quick and very helpful chat with Eric. Even though the knot and brush measurements were the same, I decided to go with the Colonel because the handle was a bit taller and thinner. Upon receiving the brush I was amazed at its tight knot and how soft it was. It's a great brush and if I ever need another one, I wouldn't hesitate with a Simpson. Do yourself a favor and get one!
Greatest! SIMPSON Persian Jar 3 (PJ3)
The new SIMPSON Persian Jar PJ3 is a very good shaving brush. I bought 2 (two) PJ3s: one in best badger , the other in super badger. Both are excellent shaving tools that also look nice. I'm a happy customer. You should be too.
Greatest! SIMPSON 58B
The SIMPSON 58B is my favorite shaving brush. It features a less dense knot than the Chubby 3, making it easier to work up a good lather. The handle is very comfortable.
Love it!
Simpsons Case 1 Best Badger Shaving Brush C1 "Works really well and has a great feel:)
Worth Every Penny !!!
Simpsons Berkeley Badger Brush 46B
Simpsons Berkeley Best Badger Shaving Brush 46B "I just started traditional shaving after years of cartridge shaving. Did moderate research on components. This brush seemed to be in the middle for quality/cost. Performing as expected thus far.
Great travel brush
Edwin Jagger Best Badger Travel Brush with Case, Ivory "Its small, but its supposed to be! Fits in my dopp kit nicely. Does the job as intended, but do realize its not a 30mm knot. Its a soft brush and priced right. I did drill 4 extra holes to allow for more air flow while drying/traveling. I air dy as long as possible while traveling, then dry with towel, then stow, then remove and air dry when i get home. So far, so good. WCS is a fast shipper as always!
Addition to my original review.
Edwin Jagger Best Badger Shaving Brush, Medium, Imitation Light Horn The overall appearance is quite nice due to the quality of the craftsmanship. The handle has a bit of weight and is comfortable to hold while working up the lather and putting it on your face.

I do suggest that you read the care instructions for the brush as the makers recommend not using a shaving oil with a badger brush. To overcome this issue I simply made a small adjustment

to my shaving routine. I use a multiple pass system so rather than putting on the oil before shaving I put a bit on my face just before doing the final touch-up pass where the shaving lather that has been squeezed out of the brush is applied with the hands rather than the brush. This gives me the close smooth shave that I am looking for.
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