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This middle-of-the-road option is better than pure with a nice mix of value & quality that you are sure to love. We would also note that within the "best" category there is a vast range with Simpson and Kent brushes being on the higher-end.

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Within the "best" category there is a vast range with Simpson and Kent brushes being on the higher-end. This is a great place to start with a good shaving brush as you improve your technique and preferences.

Best Badger Shaving Brushes Reviews
Best Badger Duke 3
This is my second Duke series brush, and it has been a fine brush so far with both soaps and cream. I prefer the slightly stouter knot brushes 23-24mm, and the Duke 3 fits that niche perfect. I have not experienced any shedding with this Simpson brush at this time. I would recommend this brush to others that prefer the slightly larger and denser knot brush, its not a water hog and creates very good lather.
Kent H8
Great look, soft yet firm enough to whip up a thick rich paint, short break in time, maybe 4 or 5 hairs lost during a years use .
Great Best Badger Brush
With the disclosure that this is my first shaving brush I have to say I'm really pleased with the purchase. Hiqh quality construction, a nice handle shape and knot size, solid quality badger without breaking the budget. Also no smell and mandatory breakin necessary (according to company the included note). Very happy with this purchase and value.
I buy this brush because it matches my dish, holder (fits it, too), and razor; and, it is the type (best) that works best for me. It is my second one and like the first it regularly, though not as bad as the first, loses 2 to 4 bristles with each use. Next time, unless I see something better that 'matches', I'd buy it again. Next time is about three years of use three times a week.
Great Brush!
Very attractive, and with my stiff beard, the best badger is firm enough to give a very nice coverage.
Great brush
Should have gotten this one a long time ago. True Simpsons quality at a great price. Just as good as my other 2 Simpsons that cost 2-3 times as much.
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