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Edwin Jagger has covered the bases with their best badger grade of hair, bang-for-your-buck, brush. It is a step up from most brushes you can get at your local drug store, but not the largest knot on the market. The smaller size is desirable by some as it dries out more quickly and make a great travel brush.

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Edwin Jagger Best Badger Reviews
Edwin Jagger Best Badger Shaving Brush, Medium, Black.I buy this brush because it matches my dish, holder (fits it, too), and razor; and, it is the type (best) that works best for me. It is my second one and like the first it regularly, though not as bad as the first, loses 2 to 4 bristles with each use. Next time, unless I see something better that 'matches', I'd buy it again. Next time is about three years of use three times a week.
Great Brush!
Edwin Jagger Best Badger Travel Brush with Case, Black.Very attractive, and with my stiff beard, the best badger is firm enough to give a very nice coverage.
Great Product, Perfect for travel and Everyday use.
Edwin Jagger Best Badger Travel Brush with Case, Black.Overall excellent product. Great quality. The handle is a bit small, but this is for travel. I have been using it as my everyday brush for several months. It lathers very well. Traveling with it is a breeze. Just let it dry out and place it in the hard plastic travel tube. No issues. I would recommend this and buy another if I needed to.
Edwin Jagger Best Black Badger Shaving Brush, Imitation Ebony.I like this product works amazing soft but also firm enough to get a good foam
Very effective
Edwin Jagger Best Badger Travel Brush with Case, Black.After using this brush for a month's worth of shaves, I have nothing but good things to say about it. Lathers up nicely (I use Mitchell's WF soap) and applies same in an effective and comfortable manner. I've only seen a couple of loose bristles, certainly acceptable to me. The plastic tube protects the brush well but it's only in there when I'm on the road. All other times it is suspended upside down in the small plastic stand I bought for it. If you need a travel shaving brush, this one would do the trick. heb
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