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Bey Shave

“Bey” is a traditional Turkish word that signifies respect for yourself and for your fellow man. Now it's the name of a company that wants you to show the deepest respect for your skin. The products were born of necessity, when wet-shave devotee John P. realized that he couldn't find any aftershave tonics that were both pleasant-smelling and suitable for his sensitive skin. After enduring razor bumps and irritation for years, he finally set out to make a product that would genuinely soothe his face and improve the shaving experience for him and all other men whose chins demanded a higher level of consideration. The result was Bey Shave, a unique, naturally formulated tonic that uses sustainable practices in manufacturing and packaging. Take pride in your appearance and have respect for the ritual of grooming. Experience products that have been created with a unique care and thoughtfulness—experience Bey Shave.

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