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Bigelow Chemists Shave Cream

C.O. Bigelow Chemists have been around for well over a century. The apothecary brand has a fun history and nostalgic feel that has been noticed and used by many important figures throughout time including Thomas Edison, Samuel Clemens and Elenore Roosevelt, as well as some contemporary fame from Susan Sarandon, Calvin Klein and Elvis Costello. They put significant research into all the decisions on the formulation of their products to ensure excellent performance and a continuation of the nostalgic neighborhood toiletry store. Be part of this history, and give their product a try. Bigelow Chemists offer an eclectic assortment of problem-solution personal care products and homeopathic remedies.

Bigelow Chemists Grooming Products
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Bigelow Chemists Shave Cream Reviews
Lather for price sweet spot
Bigelow Shaving Cream "At $10 for 150g there are few other products that can compete with this, aside from maybe the original Proraso. Lathers great and I get a smooth even shave from it. The cooling from the menthol is nice and I think I'll use this more as the weather warms up. It is somewhat similar to Speick's cream but I seem to get a better lather with Bigelow. The scent is a classic soap scent that stays for a while after the shave but didn't seem to interfere with aftershave or cologne. Not sure the scent is for me but I'm very happy with rich lather and cooling shave.
Prefer to Proraso Green
Bigelow Shaving Cream "I bought this because it is under 3 oz, but bigger than travel size and wanted something good to travel with. It has a similar smell and sensation to the classic Proraso, but I like it better for some reason.

Might be worth a try if, like me, you don't quite connect with that Proraso, but want to or if you're looking for something to get on a plane with.
Bigelow Natural Bristle Toothbrush review
Bigelow Natural Bristle Toothbrush "The Bigelow Natural Bristle Toothbrush is a very nice toothbrush. Wide head and very soft bristles. I like the tortoise shell color as well.
Happy with this purchase
Bigelow Shaving Cream "A little goes a long way. Just moved over from using Gillette style creams and this is on a different level.
Awesome feel and great smell
Bigelow Shaving Cream "Exceptional cream that helps promote a close shave and leave the skin feeling cool and free. Lathers up nicely!
.Great toothbrush.
Bigelow Natural Bristle Toothbrush.I have a diamond clean but sometimes what a quick brush. This is the one. Natural bristles, large surface. Perfect
My favorite toothbrush
Bigelow Natural Bristle Toothbrush.I really like this toothbrush. It has a large head, which makes brushing more efficient. The bristles are super soft. And the translucent amber color of the brush is very masculine and looks great on my bathroom counter next to all my shaving gear. Well worth the price.
Basically it's green Proraso.
Bigelow Shaving Cream This stuff is great. It feels like one ingredient less than green proraso. Which makes sense since it says right on the tube that it is made by proraso for bigelow.
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