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We are exposed to the sun's damaging rays everyday whether we realize it or not and a good moisturizer that contains SPF should be a part of everyone's regular regimen to protect your skin and keep it looking youthful.

Blue Lizard has formulated a daily moisturizer that not only keeps your skin hydrated with Hyaluronic Acid, but also provides impressive sun protection with an enhanced 8% zinc oxide formulation. In addition, it is enhanced with antioxidants to slow down the aging process and keep you looking youthful.

Available in a convenient 3 oz tube, making it even easier to carry along with you wherever you go so you never forget to apply your daily dose. Light enough to wear under makeup, rubs in easily and leave no greasy residue. It is fragrance, oil, and paraben free, which makes it gentle enough to use everyday. It works great for both men and women.

Size: 3oz

Made in the USA.