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Semogue became popular in the US for their boar shaving brushes. Extremely well made, fantastic boar knot, and style so unique you know a Semogue when you see one. These are great for shaving soaps, but work fine with creams as well. Don't be turned away with the prickly tips as they will soften up quite a bit with a few weeks of use.

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Boar Reviews
Semogue 1305 Pure Bristle Shaving Brush "I have quite a few expensive silvertip badger hair brushes decided to bu this one just for kicks and after the break in period I find myself using it all the time I kinda want to kick my own behiind for spending so much on so many diffrent silvertip brushes.
Quite impressive
Semogue 1460 Pure Bristle Shaving Brush "Now, I don't know about you but I'm a firm believer in "you get what you pay for" (buy cheap, get cheap). I took the gamble at $15. But Boars hair? Never heard of it until recently when my 8 year old silver tip (merkur) which I was never really impressed with, simply degraded in quality and looks. It wore out because I used it hard to lift my whiskers which themselves are tough as comparable copper wire. In short, Badger just doesn't offer any "backbone" to speak of. It's meant to create lather and mildly lift and exfoliate.

Out of the box this Semogue 1460 had no odor worth mentioning. The company logo is a sticker and I simply don't like logos or stickers on anything after I buy them. I took the logos and emblems off my truck. This sticker came off with moderate effort and 30 seconds of patience. It probably wouldn't have lasted very long under shaving conditions anyway.

My first shave was just what I wanted. This brush has very nice backbone but won't rough up your skin. The ends are quite soft but not Badger soft. It really did the job on the whiskers too. Holds water much better than I anticipated. Where have boar hair brushes been all my life?

How well does this brush hold up? Time will tell. Suffice to say that out of the box and one shave did not produce one hair falling out. If the brush lasts 2 years (I'm certain it will last decades if not become an heirloom piece) then $15 every 2 years is still light years cheaper than trying to keep up with modern shaving systems. Who in their right mind needs 5 blades at a time anyway?

I ordered on a Saturday evening and Westcoast got it out that Monday late afternoon . It was in my hands on Wednesday. Honestly, from Chino California to East Coast Florida in 2 days 1st class UPS? I mean that's better than the USPS by 3-4 days.

Hats off to WCS, Semogue and UPS! Thanks to all of you.
Love this brush!
Semogue 830 Pure Bristle Shaving Brush "This is a very fine brush, especially for the money. Good backbone , works up a good lather, but not too stiff at all, and it breaks in very well and is getting a bit softer as it goes along. Lost only a couple of bristles and it looks elegant. Frankly, why spend more?
Semogue 1520 Pure Bristle Shaving Brush "Added this brush as I like to scritch and exfoliate my face once in awhile it works great.
semogue 1520
Semogue 1520 Pure Bristle Shaving Brush "good brush for the money....lathers great
Semogue 1470 shave brush
Semogue 1470 Pure Bristle Shaving Brush "A 5 star brush! Plenty of backbone, exceptional performance, and a beautiful wooden handle.
Good choice for a first brush
Semogue 830 Pure Bristle Shaving Brush "I bought the Semogue 830 as my first brush after abandoning my cartridges. It's been a good choice so far. It didn't stink, even when new. After soaking for five minutes while I brush my hair and teeth it's ready to lather up. I haven't practiced enough with soaps to comment, but I get a thick, low volume lather with the creams I've tried so far. The bristles are soft enough not to be scratchy or irritating. When it's time for a new brush, I might try one with less loft, but I imagine I'll stay with Semogue boar.
This brush does the job
Semogue 1800 Pure Bristle Shaving Brush "I recently came across my 70's era Gillette Atra, way in the back of my medicine cabinet. That lead me to a shaving forum which lead to West Coast Shaving where I purchased this brush and some Mitchell's Wool Fat. I read about each level of brush and settled on Boar partly due to price and partly due to it being not quite a soft as Badger. I guess I liked the idea of a brush with some backbone. I only have this one so I don't speak from vast experience but I'll say this: I have no trouble whipping up a great lather with it and the application is pure pleasure. This has turned the life long chore of shaving into something so much better. There are definitely higher end brushes to be had but at this point I don't seem to be in need of them.
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