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When you've just got to have that stiff boar brush to gather that soap or dig into that cream for the perfect lather, the Omega boar shaving brush won't let you down. With so many styles of handle to choose from, you are sure to find the perfect one to suite your taste. These brushes will soften a bit with use, and some guys swear that there is nothing better. For the great price, it's a win-win!

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Very high quality and good
Very high quality and good value.
First brush, boar or otherwise
I've been using conditioner to shave for years, a trick I got from some women's magazine the wife had picked up. It actually works well with disposables and even with a 1960s Gillette. But I picked up an ancient SE Gem Junior, which is pretty aggressive. I figured I should get some real shaving soap and a brush. I liked the look of the Omega and the price was right. It arrived yesterday. As soon as I opened the package one of the cats was all over me. She wanted the brush. Note to self, do not leave it where she can get it. I didn't think it smelled that funky. Okay, on to the test run. When it's wet it does smell a bit funky, not like a wet dog but like a... wet boar, I imagine. It turned up what I'm going to call a decent amount of lather and only lost a single hair. I was a little worried it might be abrasive but I wouldn't call it rough, at all.
Great brush
I have used badger brushes since 1975 and regarded boar as a cheap substitute. My current EJ super badger brush was getting too floppy after 10 years but I did not want to spent $80-100 on anew one. So for $8 I got boar. I soaked it overnight and soak it for 15 minutes before using it (while in the shower). It is great. It has a good backbone yet is soft on my face and makes lots of lather. It cleans up more easily than badger too. I put the badger away.
My favorite brush, amazing value
I can't comment on the white handle because they made a mistake and sent me a black one. I'm not to upset by this because my main goal was to have a second one in a different color as I already own a red one.

My uncle talked me into ordering one of these after a discussion of fine badger brushes. He had heard that these brushes break in over a long time and rival super soft expensive brushes. I thought he was nuts, but at about $10 I didn't have anything to lose.

I'm very glad I took that first step. Omega really makes their brushes well. (Yes it might stink for a while but this quickly improves. If the smell really bothers you just wash it with some shampoo.) I soak my brush in hot tap water wile I shower. This changes the very stiff scratchy hair into stiff hairs with very soft tips. The more you use it the more the tips split becoming softer and softer.

Unlike a badger brush this doesn't feel like a wet mop, these brushes have some backbone. If you want to scrub hard you can. I have some stiff neck hair that lays very flat. With this brush I can really lift them up. Yet painting on cream I can barely feel the brush tips. Also this brush is huge, it will load a lot of soap nicely.

I now own at least four other Omega boar brushes of different styles, they really make a good brush at an unbelievable price. My only complaint is I wish they would offer their boar brushes with a nicer handle. It's like putting discount used tires on a high end sports car. The plastic handle is huge, ugly and feels cheap but is very comfortable so I won't complain to much.
Great brush
This brush is great. It doesn't hold too much water , just enough to build a great lather. The size is larger than I thought but is easy to handle.
Such a Nice Brush
This really is a great little brush. Good-looking, perfect size and so reasonably priced. Wonderful for travel too.
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