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Straight razors from Boker are some of the best value in the market today. The level of detail and quality control is unmatched at this price point. Their steel, both carbon and stainless, takes a great edge and we find them to be relatively easy to maintain. We offer straight edges in 5/8 and 6/8 models, and even a rare 4/8 for that detail work around your sideburns or other facial hair you decide to leave in place. All Boker razors come with domestic free shipping.

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Boker Straight Razors Reviews
Boker 5/8 Arbolito SR
Excellent razor. Light and elegant. Surprisingly great hone, just a quick strop and right to the face. Seemed to shave faster.
High quality
I bought the Edelweiss recently and couldn't be happier with it. Very nice blade and an aesthetically pleasing addition to my bathroom counter top. New to straight razor shaving but enjoying it so far. Thank you West Coast Shaving for offering this piece of artwork, I will be purchasing more items in the near future.
Looks great and feels great.
Looks great and feels great. Excell my quality at a good price
Great razor
Very sharp and well balanced. It delivers great shaves, and holds its edge well. Highly recommend this razor.
Wonderful razor
This is my first straight razor and I am very happy with it. The fact that it is already honed and shave ready is a great addition. I couldn't be happier with my purchase.
I just used this razor
I just used this razor and cannot be happier! This razor gave me my best shave yet, and slices through facial hair like a hot knife through butter! Whoever the honemeister at west coast shaving is should have his hands blessed by the Pope! Thank you very much west coast shaving!