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Boker Straight Razors have been manufactured since 1869 in Solingen, Germany. World War II was a difficult time for the company and production came to a halt. Fortunately, it did not mean the end for this company, thanks to an old document that was preserved. They were able to pick up the old tradition once again and produce some of the finest knives and razors in the world. They are committed to only providing the highest quality products, something we can vouch for having handled thousands of these. Taking the time to shave with a straight razor, not only slows you down to enjoy the process, but it also leaves your face feeling clean and closely shaven. The process of caring for these razor may feel overwhelming to some, but even this part of the ritual is enjoyed by many.

Boker Straight Razors
Boker Straight Razors
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Boker Reviews
My first straight razor.
Boker 6/8 Silver Steel Straight Razor, Faux Tortoise Scales "I can be picky. Long ago, I grew tired of electric "razors". And then I grew tired of shelling out dough for cartridges with blades that barely felt as sharp as my pocket knife. My safety razor with Wilkinson Sword blades was better. But, something drew me to finally getting a straight razor. I collect knives and don't mind honing them. So, I shopped a bit, and settled on this one.

I bought it about a month ago and have used it three times. I have never used one before, only watched videos on how it should be done. But it was far easier than I could have expected. If you purchase it as "honed", you get one of the sharpest things on the planet, I swear. It fits the hand nicely, so that makes things a bit easier. The blade is flawless, literally. I can do a hanging-hair test on it and watch the hair fall to pieces *every* time. But, the proof being in the pudding, I tried it on my wiry stubble. I could hear it taking off whiskers, but I sure didn't have to push. I'm stropping it before each use, and I bought a 4000/8000 stone for when the time comes, but for now - it just whisks the hair right off. I am extremely pleased with this one. You have to use care and proper technique, and respect its sharpness, but that should go without saying. I honestly can't tell if straight razors are just easier to use than I thought, or whether the quality of the razor contributes much to the ease-of-use. Either way, I'm happy with this razor, wish I hadn't waited so long, and will be telling friends about this retailer too.
Great shave
Boker 5/8" Arbolito Straight Razor "I stepped up from a Feather straight razor to the Boker. The Boker is actually more forgiving (less nicks/cuts) and gives an excellent shave. I especially like the Spanish point to get into those difficult areas.
Boker 5/8" Tree Brand Straight Razor, Brown Canvas Micarta.I don't know anything about straight razors or the difference between a good or bad one. I just bought this for my bf birthday. I got the razor hone (I think) which makes the razor ready to shave which I definitely recommend. The item it self is nice and comes in pretty nice packaging but I did think the handle was a bit dainty and not as rugged as I would have liked.
Great for making wood carvings
Boker 5/8" King Cutter Straight Razor, Black.I am joking, of course. This is my first straight edge razor, so I don't have much to compare it to. I am getting better with it the more I use it. There is really not much to report... the weak link to any straight razor is the person using it. The blade is sharp, I keep it honed with my strop, and I do my best. I am becoming more and more satisfied with the shave I get as I become more accustomed to using it. It has a good feel to it, and I am pretty satisfied that I have bought a quality razor. I am not sure what a non-quality razor feels like, and I have cut myself, but that's because there is a learning curve involved in using a device such as this. I have dropped it once, and it didn't shatter, I guess that's good. I would have to say that this is a good razor. I feel really happy about it.
great razor
Boker 5/8" King Cutter Straight Razor, Black.I just purchased this razor after trying a cheaper version that uses disposable blades. I really didn't like how that made my face feel and was hoping that this one would be better. To my surprise it is very easy to shave with and is super sharp. I am very happy with my purchase, and I do have a strop coming soon to help keep it razor sharp. I like this razor and it is well worth the cost. I didn't want to spend too much, so with this one on the cheaper end of these styles I am very pleased. Does the job perfectly.
Boker is best
Boker 5/8" Arbolito Straight Razor.Just ordered this razor and I'm very impressed. Fancy and easy to use and a great close shave. I give this 4 stars instead of 5 because my ultimate and true favorite is the Boker silver steel 6/8. Now that's a razor that's pure perfection. This is a close second in my opinion, Just doesn't top my favorite. This does look really good and it's performance is exceptional. No complaints on any part of this beauty, Well worth the money spent.
Excellent Razor
Boker 6/8 Silver Steel Straight Razor, Faux Tortoise Scales.Just purchased a Boker for the first time. This is a pretty impressive blade to begin with. The steel is superb, It is well balanced, fits perfectly into your hand, and is just a marvel to admire. The shave of course is outstanding as would be expected from any razors that are from Solingen Germany. The price is well within reason, and this will make a fine addition to anyones razor collection. I give this razor 5*stars for, Appearance, functionality, looks and design, and price range. Well worth your investment!
Boker 5/8 Arbolito SR
Boker 5/8" Arbolito Straight Razor.Excellent razor. Light and elegant. Surprisingly great hone, just a quick strop and right to the face. Seemed to shave faster.
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