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Search no further. This difficult-to-find former Italian blade is here. Heralded as Italy's best selling razor blades for almost 100 years, these stainless steel blades with their advanced titanium plating and sharpening processes make for a smooth, comfortable, and 'cutting edge' shave. Famous for their keen edges and longevity among barbers and wet-shaving enthusiasts alike, these blades are now manufactured in Germany.

Contents: 5 blades per pack

Made in Germany

Product Reviews
smooth and sharp
Very happy with these. On a whim, I thought to buy them and give them a shot since I've not really been pleased with my current rotation (Wilkinson Sword and Gilette Yellows). Contrary to what others have experienced, the Bolzano shaved smoothly in my DE89 razor. No weepers, DFS in 2 passes, and didn't really have to go too slowly either. We'll see if that keeps up with the R41 next time my beard gets a bit longer. But, for shaving once every 1-3 days, these do the job lovely. Have already ordered the 100 pack.
used the bolzano blade for the first time and found it comparable to a disposable. not very comfortable. the astra blade was head and shoulders above the bolzano.
comparable to Feather
$3 for 5 Bolzanos, compared to $4.50 for 10 Feathers. I enjoyed these blades, though. If you like Feather, give these a try. I think it isn't about superiority to Feather. Unless you take your shaving really seriously. It is the novelty of trying something new.
Bolzano blues
I read many reviews on the net saying how great these German made blades were, I have a medium beard and these things were rough as hell, I have better results with my no-name Korean blades! Save your money, these things must be made in a former East German manufacturing plant?
Some of the best I've tried
These work great for me! As someone with a fairly heavy beard and sensitive skin, they gave a great shave. I've tried probably ten different blades and fell in love with these. I will be buying more!
You Either Love These or Hate Them.
I was delighted when these showed up here because I had been wanting to try them. But I was hesitant from reviews on B@B since these seemed to be hit or miss. However I took the plunge and tried them and I have to say I'm one of those that they work for because they blow every other blade I've used out of the water. Sharp as a feather but more forgiving and gods for about 5 shaves.