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The Age of Aquarius may have long since come and gone, but you can still pay tribute to it with this quality product that's reminiscent of a more innocent time. If you remember the era of peace and love or even if you've only heard about it but think it sounds kind of cool, then why not try this quality aftershave? Booster lotions are found in barber shops all over the United States and are noted for their clean, crisp scent and superior feel.

You'll experience no irritation, and this refreshing preparation is guaranteed to be 'bite free.' You'll like the fragrance, too - even though the inspiration comes from the 'flower power' era, Booster Aquarius Aftershave isn't floral; you'll likely find it more on the fresh, citrusy side. For the pampering feeling of a barbershop visit in your own home, you will definitely want to give this outstanding Canadian-made product a try. Peace and love, man!

Size: 14 fl oz / 400 ml

Made in Canada

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Product Reviews
Good weekend aftershave
You get a lot of aftershave for not much money with Booster, so you can feel free to splurge and splash away. I like it for the weekend and/or casual outings. Classic barbershop scent. Doesn't last long. An excellent alternative to the more expensive aftershaves I used during the week.
Similar to Clubman but better?
First, I love Pinaud Clubman. It has always been my go to aftershave . I just tried this and I love it. It has been described as close to Clubman but not as sweet. I guess that is true but I think it is better, less musky. The scent dissipates rather rapidly. This Aquarius is really pleasing and I will keep it in stock always.
Fresh, old-school scent
I started using safety razors and a brush in my mid 20's, I'm 45. I got away from it for about 10 years but recently picked it up again. Booster is an excellent post shave addition to my routine. The scent reminds me of what I remember smelling every time I opened my grandfathers shaving mug...classic.
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