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If you've just begun your busy day by shaving with one of our elegant products, and you want to finish with a flourish before you head off to work, try this crisp, bracing aftershave. It's a splash of citrus that's guaranteed to wake you up and get you moving!

For years, Booster lotions have been a mainstay in barbershops all over Canada, and more recently in the United States. You don't have to visit a barbershop, though, to take advantage of this guaranteed 'bite-free' lotion that will never irritate even the most sensitive skin. You'll be fragrant, toned and clean, so splash some on ' it seriously does not get any better. You can even use it throughout the day, any time you need a pick-me-up.

Size: 14 fl oz / 400 ml

Made in Canada.

SHIPPING RESTRICTIONS: Note that this product contains alcohol, and that's considered to present shipping hazards. Therefore, we're not able to ship it outside the Continental U.S. This also means that regardless of which delivery option you select, we will be shipping via ground. During checkout, select FedEx Ground or FedEx home.