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Botot, how we love thee! We're not going to lie about our feelings. This brand was born in France in 1755 for King Louis XV...yep, it's really old! Some say it was the world's first toothpaste. It is not, may I reiterate NOT, your drug store toothpaste and you will have new standards for toothpaste and mouthwash if you try it. People love that this product washes clean in the mouth and does not burn. These items are a personal favorite of the 9-year old son of the owners of WCS. For those of you who don't have kids, they really hate burning oral hygiene products. These products are not going to do that! But, don't worry about any compromises here in the overall care for you mouth and those pearly whites, it still has the anti-plaque and anti-bacteria benefits. The unique flavor comes from the gillyflower, a friendly relative of the clove. All with no artificial colors or flavors.