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The pi?ce de r?sistance of the wet shave is the lather, so getting the right vessel for that frothy cloud is vitally important. Whether you are looking for a one-of-a-kind hand-thrown ceramic bowl or an easy-to-hold mug with a handle, we've got something for you.

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Shaving Bowl and Mug Education

Find a beautiful bowl or mug to whip up your perfect shaving lather. We carry a variety of beautiful, classic metal, wood, and stone bowls and shaving mugs. Ceramic options tend to hold in the heat and will keep your lather warm as you shave. Scuttles hold a special size soap, so be sure to ask if you're unsure. Our hand-thrown options are particularly popular, with just the perfect size and interesting glaze. Each is one of a kind. Show off your unique style and classy up that bathroom sink. We even have some plastic jars with lids that are great for holding your soap when traveling.

Difference between Shaving Bowl and Shaving Mug

Shaving mugs are deeper than shaving bowls and usually have a more defined handle.

Shaving Bowls & Mugs Reviews
Shaving mug and soap
Very happy with my purchase.
great container
i love this container. it's definitely bigger and deeper than i anticipated but that's great. it also is quite heavy and seals nicely. mine looks very close to solid and not like the picture so my guess is some of them vary greatly but still keeps its fossil look. surprisingly, it came with a large puck of amber col conk shaving soap (thanks WCS). i had a small amber puck in the order so wish i knew this and i would have gotten a different one. overall great product and i'd highly recommend.
Nice piev
Nice piev
Nice item
Perfect size for lathering and very decorative also. Will match anything in your shaving collection also.
Small, but gets the job done
I'll agree with the other review that this is a small bowl. It does fit easily in the palm of your hand, and I think if it were any larger you'd have trouble holding on to it with wet hands. I've not had an issue working up a good lather, and holds enough lather for 2-3 passes easily. If nothing else it looks great sitting on the countertop.
Superb Shaving Bowl
I purchased this bowl because it matches everything else in my bathroom including my shaving stand. It's easy to use, easy to clean, and so far looks as good as the day it arrived. An excellent quality product, and I'd recommend it to anyone.
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