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Function with style for bearded men. Before the 21st century, beards have been plagued with a negative connotation. Most of the bad reputation stems from the absence of products that aid in maintaining well-groomed facial hair. Here enters the savior of men's manes: the Brooklyn Grooming Classic Beard Balm, Commando. This odorless tool is great for maintaining a healthy and amazing looking facial hair without having to bear with unwanted scent. It carries with it the 3 most important characteristics balms of this sort should carry -- replenish, hold, and style. Why these 3 specific properties you ask? This is due to the adverse situations you encounter every day. Day in and day out, you introduce your manly mane to drying elements like soap and dirt which would eventually lead to unruliness. This product is made from multiple oils like hempseed, argan, sesame, and jojoba; all of which promote and lock in moisture which would result in softer and more manageable facial hair. These characteristics are further enhanced with the introduction of Shea butter and beeswax. Both aid in hydration and also have anti-bacterial effects that aid in soothing any irritation from underneath the skin. On top of these medical benefits, this non-comedogenic ointment has a consistency that helps you shape and style your mane. What are you waiting for? Don't miss the chance of getting this great beard balm!

Size: 2 oz

Made in the USA.

*Sesame oil,*Hempseed oil, *Jojoba oil,* Argan oil, *beeswax, *unrefined shea butter and vitamin e.

*= organic

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