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Price: $23.99

Item Number: RZ-CAD-TP02
Availability: Discontinued

With its long 4" handle, this is a preferred safety razor for those who use double-edged blades. Many safety razors are an inch shorter and slightly heftier; however, the longer and somewhat thinner handle on this Cadet TP-02 is more reminiscent of the cartridge razor from which you just graduated. The spiral corrugation design on the handle prevents slippage whilst indirectly promoting rotation, and the razor itself easily screws into 3 pieces allowing for easy replacement of blades. Furthermore, the Cadet TP-02 Safety Razor with its high quality chrome finish comes with a blue plastic travel case and a very affordable price tag.

Weight: 0.3 lbs.

Length: 4.25 in.

Made in India.

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