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The Simpson Case, in Best badger, is designed for travel use with the optional resin case for protection. However, we find a lot of wet shavers enjoy using it at home as an every day shaving brush. Sporting the coveted best grade of hair, it will come out on top of most brushes in this price range.

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Case Reviews
Great solid little case
Simpson Case Travel Container.The lid fits securely and the case is very sturdy. I got it thinking it might fit a couple non-simpson brushes I have. The bases were either too big or the lofts too tall to fit. I tried a Parker, Col Conk and an E-Shave brush.
Great travel container
Simpson Case Travel Container.I recently purchased this travel container with a Simpson Case brush and they work great together. After just getting back from a week long trip I really enjoyed being able to have a brush with me and to be able to safely pack and transport it.
TOOO small!
Simpson Case Travel Container.The case is slim and short (2-3in) to work with my Vulfix 1000a .
Great travel case with my Omega brush
Simpson Case Travel Container.I bought this case together with an Omega 11047 brush. What a great travel set, simple but very effective. Keeps the brush protected while traveling and the hole on top creates a bit of air if needed during travel. Great, I like it.
Perfect for travel
Simpson Case Travel Container.I store the Case brush in this tube. Works perfectly and offers great protection for the brush. Vent hole are a smart idea.
Great Container, but it only fits a few!
Simpson Case Travel Container.Nice classy container! One problem...it doesn't fit my Simpson Special. It only fits brushes shorter than 85mm. I kept it for the day I get another Simpsons.
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