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Cella has been a go-to shaving option since 1899. You can be sure with a history like that, they know what they're doing. The customer feedback on Cella has been excellent for many years and is one we never hesitate recommending to anyone. Using a shaving brush with good backbone seems to be a popular recommendation by our customers who love this product.The main reason for this, is that it really helps to gather up all that goodness in the brush before working up the perfect lather. Not only does it preform very well, but if you like Almond-scent, this brand is a "must-try." The texture of the product is considered a soft soap. They offer the smaller tub and the brick--it seriously feels, looks and weighs about as much as a brick. Your face will thank you--as many people report great feeling skin after using this line.

Cella Shave Soap
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Cella Reviews
A Cut Above
Cella Shave Soap Cream "This is quite possibly the best shaving cream or soap I have used to date. It covers all the bases; good lather, great aroma, excellent lubrication and protection, and best of all I did not experience any irritation either during the shave or afterwards. It is easy to understand why this product has been on the market since 1899 and why it is rated as one of the best that money can buy.
Cella Shave Soap Cream, 1000g I started wet shaving about two years ago. I started shopping around and decided to try Cella. This stuff is amazing. It gives you more than you pay for. I started on this "brick" over a year ago, and I would say that I have used barely a third of it. Just make sure to re-wrap it and put it in the fridge, or any exposed content will dry out. This is how shaving was meant to be!
Cella Shave Soap Cream An excellent cream, that produces a thick, rich lather with superior slickness, cushion and protection. The scent in my opinion, is simply outstanding, and everyone that smells it loves it... Again, bravo Cella!
Just makes me happy.
Cella Shave Soap CreamI had a coupon and tacked this onto an order. I've tried a dozen or so shaving soaps and like some more than others. This is one that I didn't want and wouldn't have chosen, but there was that coupon. The bottom line is that it just makes me happy...and makes me want a fresh almond croissant every time I use it. Good lather, silking and smooth and smells delicious. There are other soaps that I love, some that feel really practical somehow, others that have underwhelmed me. This one just makes me happy, which is really something, if you think about it.
Old school and it works..
Cella Shave Soap Cream.I'd read so many good reviews that I had to try it. I'm happy I did as it's become a regular soap for me. Great lather, great cushion and very slick.I also enjoy the scent which has a nice, understated sweet almond aroma. It provides a wonderful shave all around!
Love it!
Cella Shave Soap Cream.Lathers well. Smells good. Smooth, close shave. Moisturizes skin. Great price.
Fabulous Product!
Cella Shave Soap Cream.I am (was) a "died-in-the-wool" Proraso user -- their "green" (menthol and eucalyptus) pre-shave balm, shaving cream (tube and hard soap), and aftershave. But, just recently, I tried the Cella hard cream/soap, and was absolutely amazed at how good it was! Creamy! Great lather! Smooth! And what a fabulous aroma, of almonds. Totally unlike the "frozen face" menthol effect that you get from the green Prosaso. There is no need at all for any pre-shave balm or pre-shave oil -- the Cella lather is that creamy and smooth ! The almond scent is light and dissipates quickly (just like the Prosaso aftershave) so you can add your favorite cologne without worrying about competing fragrances. And best of all -- my face does not feel "oily" or greasy later in the day (which after-effect i used to get from some of the big-name English products that I had tried and then abandoned.) This is now in my weekly "rotation" (as an alternative to the still-great "green" Proraso products ) as my "go to" shaving cream. Try it! You'll be enthralled, as I was. The Italians definitely know a thing or two about shaving!
Great soap
Cella Shave Soap Cream.I bought one year ago and thought it was O K. after a year of experience wet shaving with soaps I tried again and wow, I love it. The difference is I have learned to load my brush heavily, and because My water is medium hard, I now use only distilled water to lather. The distilled water makes a world of difference, the lather is thick and slick protection is awesome. I use a Edwin Jagger with Feather blades and Omega silvertip brush, the results are fantastic.
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