Wet Shaving, Luxury Grooming and Smiles
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Item Number: SC-COA-001
Availability: Discontinued

Since 1847 the Coates name has been serving the discerning customer with quality shaving and grooming products.  The brand was reintroduced in 2010 and this limited edition shaving cream is the first to make it back into production.  Pleasantly scented with Tea Tree and Rosemary, it whips into a luxurious lather and provides a smooth shave.

Size: 5.5 oz / 165 ml

Made in England
Product Reviews
Great lather
This cream makes GREAT lather. Saying that, it will burn after a couple of passes if you form the lather straight on your face after loading the brush. To avoid this I loaded the brush and formed lather in a mug while watering it down a little. Also, I sometimes mix it with Mitchell's Mug Soap to make a super lather and this also eliminates the burn. The cream will last a long time because it takes very little to make copious amounts of lather.
Not for sensitive skin with coarse beard types.
Tea tree on my face stung. I overcame it with a small dab of speik, or whatever else I choose to add so it wont go to waste (created a super-lather). Doing this eliminates the burning/stinging sensation. Overall good protection/ glide, but have to use a moisturizing aftershave after. I would attempt a different flavor if Coates offed it in the future. Reviewed after 2 weeks of constant use.
Burns my face
It produces a great lather very easily but it burns/irritates my face. I don't think I have very sensitive skin because I love Proraso which other people say burns. If you are thinking of buying this product look around for more reviews before making your decision.
This is an excellent cream in all respects & the mildest I have used. It has a pleasant mild scent & is wonderful for sensitive or irritated skin.
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