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This Col. Conk product is great way to keep your shaving equipment looking great if you've invested the money to buy yourself some nice stuff. If you have a good shaving implement, you need to keep it safe from getting corroded by water in the sink and, of course, you want to make certain that nobody is in danger of picking it up accidentally and giving themselves a cut. This safety razor stand is made out of chrome, giving it a great shine. It definitely looks classy and, if you have a handle made out of similar material, they’ll compliment each other nicely.

This does more than just give you a nice display, however. After you clean out the device you use to deal with your whiskers, you need to make certain that it is allowed to dry properly. Having it held in one of these stands does a wonderful job of that. It ensures that it’s not lying in water, it helps prevent clogs and it makes the device last longer. If you really like conserving on blades – they’re cheap, just by a lot of them – this will help you avoid having them rust out and cause other issues, as well. This has an opening for a brush, too.

Razor opening: 12.5mm
Brush opening: 25.5mm

Product Reviews
Works fine but....
I purchased this stand about a year and a half ago at my local cutlery shop, not from West Coast Shaving. Initially I was very pleased with my purchase but over the past month or so I have noticed that the finish has flaked off in a few spots. That is not something I would really expect out of a razor stand that just sits on a sink. But other than that it holds my Edwin Jagger Razor and brush quite well.
Great Stand!
I was worried by the looks of the picture that it was going to be a chintzy stand, but the pic is deceiving, it is a very stout stand and looks great with my Semogue brush & Merkur Razor.
Perfect fit!
Married this stand to my EJ DE89L and my Omega 6223 Pure Badger- they look handsome together. The chrome is close enough to compliment my razor. The dude below is correct (his review sold me in the first place): Looks flimsy in the photo, but in reality this is a solid stand. Money well spent!
Works good
Works great with my 38c Merkur and my Simpson Duke 2, and makes my bathroom sink more organized. Ive read reviews on other sites that the finish fakes, but so far im very happy with it
Excellent value for the money!
This is an incredibly good brush and razor stand! Although the stand may look a bit flimsy in the photo, it is in fact, very strong and sturdy. The top plate is about 3.0 mm (1/8") thick. The base is weighed with a rubberized material which provides excellent stability while keeping the steel part of the stand just off the counter. The total weight of the unit is a hefty 215 grams (7.6 ounces). The finish is excellent with nice knurling on the stem and top nut. Overall, an excellent stand!
Holds my Futur
Very nice stand that can hold my Merkur Futur. It holds the Futur by the thin section in the handle so the razor sits a little higher than it is supposed to, but the stand holds the razor well and looks great on my counter.
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Will a Mule 099M89 Fine Badger Shaving Brush fit on this stand? If not, could you recommend any stands for this brush?
LebanonDon September 5, 2015 12:05 AM
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The Muhle 099M89 Brush will not fit this stand. The best stand for this brush would be the Omega Razor and Brush Stand.
kkish57673 September 5, 2015 11:03 AM