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Amber is a timeless scent, combining a very relaxed, refined sort of character with a fresh outdoorsy element, as well. This soap is a glycerin-based one and it uses avocado oil and vitamin E to provide great lubrication and conditioning. This is a larger in size, 3 inches in diameter, weighing in at 3.75 ounces.

Col Conk has a great reputation and people who are accustomed to their products won��_�t be disappointed with this one. Getting supplies like these with an aroma that really suits you doesn��_�t do the same thing that you would expect from colognes and other products, but it does leave just a hint of its dominant scent behind. This is a well-made shaving lubricant and it also does its work in providing you with a way to avoid scrapes, nicks and other issues from using a blade. This manufacturer makes the same thing in a lot of different varieties, so it��_�s well worth it to take a look at what they have if you like how this performs.

Size: 3.75 oz;  3" in diameter.

Scent: Amber

Scent: Amber