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Col. Conk

Colonel Ichabod Conk is world renowned for quality, classic shaving supplies. Inspired by their namesake, a popular barber in the 1800s, they have developed products for wet shavers that will stand the test of time. Probably best known for their shaving soap, which is a great glycerin puck with traditional scents, they also offer a variety of sets, mugs, badger hair brushes, and combs. We've been working with them since our early years and are happy to bring you these fine Col. Conk products.

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Col. Conk Reviews
Strong Cedar Scent
Col. Conk Natural After Shave Lotion, Santa Fe Cedar "I love it, and love that it is "99% natural, with only a minimal amount of preservatives" according to their website. And MADE IN USA! IMHO, the scent is pretty power at first but does not last long at all, so after about 10-15 min it won't interfere with any other fragrance/cologne you have going on. There's no alcohol or witch hazel, so you may want to use this as a final moisturizer after also using an aftershave splash or alum block. This one has a strong cedar scent, like you're walking through a lumber yard. I love it, but my wife doesn't like it at all. A little goes a long way.
Col Conk Shaving Soap, Bay Rum Small 2.25 oz "This is a great soap, It lathers well has good staying power and provides a good fluffy slick shave
Serious Shaving Bowl
Col. Conk Large Covered Onyx Bowl, Marble #182 "I was looking for a new shaving bowl, after the lid to my current one broke several months ago. It was then that I noticed this shaving soap bowl on WCS. I kept checking to see if it was in stock, but it was out of stock for quite a while. Finally, one day I noticed it was in stock and ordered it. Now I know why! It's a heavy-duty shaving bowl. I don't have to hold it while making a stays put. It also looks very classy. The soap that comes with it is also very good. A great product.
Love the strong scent; Almost soap-like in consistency
Col. Conk Natural Shave Cream, High Desert Breeze "I love the sinus-opening sent. I however prefer a more cream-like texture, and this is more the consistency of shaving soap than a traditional cream.
Awesome scent!
Col. Conk Natural After Shave Lotion, Santa Fe Cedar "Smells great and the scent is fairly long lasting. Noticeable softness in comparison to the shave lotion I used to use (Harry's Razor's lotion). Definitely recommend!
Not bad
Col Conk Shaving Soap, Amber Large 3.75 oz "I have resisted buying this because of the mixed reviews, however after trying it is certainly not Dr Harris but for the price this cannot be overlooked. I will use this during the work week and use the Dr Harris on special occasions
This is a great shaving
Col. Conk Natural Shave Soap, Santa Fe Cedar "This is a great shaving product, leaves the face soft and smooth.
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