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Col. Conk

Colonel Ichabod Conk is world renowned for quality, classic shaving supplies. Inspired by their namesake, a popular barber in the 1800s, they have developed products for wet shavers that will stand the test of time. Probably best known for their shaving soap, which is a great glycerin puck with traditional scents, they also offer a variety of sets, mugs, badger hair brushes, and combs. We've been working with them since our early years and are happy to bring you these fine Col. Conk products.

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Col. Conk Reviews
Quality product
Col. Conk Chrome Safety Razor Stand "This is a high quality stand good fit and finish easy to assemble. Make sure you know the thickness of your brush neck. One size does not fit all
Col. Conk Razor Stand
Col. Conk Chrome Safety Razor Stand "Excellent quality stand. Stable. Fits my razor and brush perfectly. Looks high quality. Of course, it arrived very quickly, as is the standard at WCS! This is an excellent company.
It's a beauty, eh?
Col. Conk Sante Fe Shave Cup #111 "The bowl has the look that it was made by a craftsman. It's also the perfect size for the shave soap. It fits my hand perfectly, tho I have large hands.
It's joining the rotation
Col Conk Shaving Soap, Amber Large 3.75 oz "I'm not sure what I was expecting, so I was a little disappointed at first. In the package it smelled like a lightly scented glycerine soap, nothing special. Once I popped it into a bowl and lathered up, it was a different story. It's easy to lather, smells nice and clean in a subtle way, and the puck holds up very well. At $1.46/ounce, this could be the best deal around. Try it, you'll like it!
I ordered this for my
Col. Conk Chrome Shave Cup #917 "I ordered this for my husband and he loves it!
semogue 1520
Jef's firs experience with West Coast Shaving
Col. Conk Chrome Shave Cup #917 "Very happy with this purchase, it came in ahead of schedule. Great Value and selection
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