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Col. Conk

Colonel Ichabod Conk is world renowned for quality, classic shaving supplies. Inspired by their namesake, a popular barber in the 1800s, they have developed products for wet shavers that will stand the test of time. Probably best known for their shaving soap, which is a great glycerin puck with traditional scents, they also offer a variety of sets, mugs, badger hair brushes, and combs. We've been working with them since our early years and are happy to bring you these fine Col. Conk products.

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Col. Conk Reviews
Not bad
Col Conk Shaving Soap, Amber Large 3.75 oz "I have resisted buying this because of the mixed reviews, however after trying it is certainly not Dr Harris but for the price this cannot be overlooked. I will use this during the work week and use the Dr Harris on special occasions
This is a great shaving
Col. Conk Natural Shave Soap, Santa Fe Cedar "This is a great shaving product, leaves the face soft and smooth.
You don’t always need it, but when you do...
Col Conk Styptic Pencil "The product has been sitting in my medicine cabinet for when I will need. It is one f those things, that hopefully you don’t need much, but you better have it when you do. So, when I had another order, I just added one on, not expensive, so no big deal. Good quality Styptic pencil.
Slightly odd smell but it sure works well
Col Conk Shaving Soap, Lime Small 2.25 oz "The size listed is wrong. It's 2.5" in diameter, not 1.5"

Like others, I find the smell a little odd. It's not natural lime. Rather it's an artificial lime smell. Initially I didn't care for it. But after a few days of use, I've come to like it. And that has been true of every shaving soap or cream I have tried. Didn't like the smell at first but after a while it grew on me.

My barber actually gave me an almost fully used puck to try. I shaved with it for two days and then bought my own new one. This product give me the closest, smoothest shave of anything I've tried (Taylor of Old Bond Street and Proraso so far). Initially it's hard to get a good lather going. What I do is fill the small indentation on top with warm water. I let it sit for a while then drain off the water. It probably takes 40 to 60 circles with my shaving brush to get a good lather built up. But that effort really yields a great shave. And making more lather for subsequent passes is easy. I've also noticed that as the puck gets "broken in," it is becoming easier to make great lather fast.

This is now my go-to shaving soap, just as West Coast Shaving is my go-to supplier for all my shaving needs.
Great little bowl!
nice aftershave balm
Col. Conk Natural After Shave Lotion, High Desert Breeze "goes on clean, without burning (no alcohol); absorbs very quickly leaving skin smooth, hydrated and non-greasy. Scent is masculine, and not overpowering.
Not too shabby
Col Conk Shaving Soap, Bay Rum Small 2.25 oz "Although this soap is not the slickest, it still provides a good shave. For the price, I cannot think of a better value. Plus, who doesn't want to smell like a pirate!
I have not used the
Col. Conk Natural Shave Soap, Unscented "I have not used the "Col. Conk Natural Shave Soap" as of yet. I am finishing off what I am currently using. No review yet. The safety razors and blades I had purchased through West Coast work great. Been 35 years since I had used a safety razor.... like it!
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