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We are firm believers that every man needs a scent to call his own. We offer a selection of cologne scents as varied as the types of men out there. Are you a rugged outdoorsmen? A gentleman dandy? A world traveler with a nose for distant lands? We've got you covered.

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If you can't make it into our brick and mortar store to smell our fragrances for yourself, our helpful customer service staff can help you identify what scent will work best for you. You don't need to spend a lot to smell like a gentleman as our range includes many inexpensive, classic barbershop favorites. Of course, we also stock those elegant, high street eau de toilettes. We offer some of the most sought after, classic fragrances from the likes of Penhaligon's, Geo F. Trumper, Taylors of Old Bond Street, Castle Forbes, Czech & Speake and D.R. Harris.

Colognes Reviews
Geo F Trumper Extract of Limes Cologne, 200ml travel bottle Superb - but not long lasting enough! Otherwise I would have given it 5 stars. But will keep buying it.
Not what I expected, but very nice!
Pinaud Clubman Citrus Musk Cologne Been looking for a nice lime scent, decided to take a shot on Citrus Musk. I'm a big fan of Clubman Special Reserve, which made me chose this product. Definitely lighter than Special Reserve, which I expected. If you're a first-time buyer of Citrus Musk, do NOT let your first opinion of it be what you smell straight out of the bottle. I was a little worried. Soapy, with a hint of lime. There isn't a product out there that doesn't smell different once you apply it, so I splashed a little on just as a test. HUGE difference! The lime scent faded for me in a short time, which I didn't like. But, what was left was a very clean, "fresh out of the shower" smell, with a hint of musk, and I really like it. I do wish the lime was a little more pronounced, but again, it's still a very nice scent. Used some this morning before work, and nearing lunchtime, the scent is still there without being overpowering.
Great Product!
Can't go wrong
Will never buy from West Coast again.
Pinaud Clubman Special Reserve Cologne.You took almost three weeks to ship my order. When I called, you said that you back ordered it without notifying me. Now you tell me it has been shipped a week after I received the order. No more!
Castle Forbes 1445 Eau De Parfum, Natural Spray.Excellent products! I??ve been a Castle Forbes user of their pre shaves, creams, balms & colognes for years and it is my favorite.
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