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We are firm believers that every man needs a scent to call his own. We offer a selection of cologne scents as varied as the types of men out there. Are you a rugged outdoorsmen? A gentleman dandy? A world traveler with a nose for distant lands? We've got you covered.

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If you can't make it into our brick and mortar store to smell our fragrances for yourself, our helpful customer service staff can help you identify what scent will work best for you. You don't need to spend a lot to smell like a gentleman as our range includes many inexpensive, classic barbershop favorites. Of course, we also stock those elegant, high street eau de toilettes. We offer some of the most sought after, classic fragrances from the likes of Penhaligon's, Geo F. Trumper, Taylors of Old Bond Street, Castle Forbes, Czech & Speake and D.R. Harris.

Colognes Reviews
Excellent selection. Prompt shipping.
Excellent selection.

Prompt shipping.
very mild
in my opinion this was a very mild aftershave. perhaps i wasn't applying enough. it does have a nice scent though. for the price i think this is a good product and a good size container. i didn't notice any alcohol sting (and that's also on a cut i had) so if that is important to you this isn't for you. it comes in an attractive bottle but as another reviewer said, the sticker was already coming off when i got it. in fact it looks like it is in the pic above too. not a big deal to me. 4 stars because it's very good but too mild for me.
I decided to give this a shot because why not. it smelled interesting out of the bottle and when i put it on after shaving there was your typical alcohol sting. but the only alcohol aftershave i have used that rivals this performance is Proraso eucalyptus. the scent when on my skin for a few seconds also became very tantalizing. light but still strong enough to notice for a while. the best way i can describe the scent is "classic". it's not a strong burst of lime so don't expect citrus heaven, it's a bit more complex than that. it's also a good size so i think it's good for the price.
Castle Forbes Keig
Wonderful, not overwhelming!
Love it!
I took a shot based on the reviews. Before this I used either whatever was on hand from a gift set or whatever seemed like a good idea at the store. One use and I was sold! My face felt amazing after a DE shave and a liberal splash of this. I used it the next day because I couldn't believe it was just the aftershave. 100% will buy again and keep it in the rotation.
Let me just say this. I don't wear this for others and don't care if I get compliments. I wear this for ME. It makes me feel good. Weird to say, but I feel terrific when I'm wearing it. Starts off with a citrus blast that has staying power and then dries down to some sort of wonderful darker scent that's even better. I wish I could roll around in it the stuff.