Wet Shaving, Luxury Grooming and Smiles

We carry a variety of shaving creams and soaps to help you build a luxurious lather during your wet shave, with or without a brush. Whatever your favorite scent, we are sure to have it. From sandalwood to lavender to citrus to bay rum and everything in between. Shaving soaps and creams are intended to moisten and lubricate the skin, alleviating irritation from razors. Many of these products contain soothing or antiseptic ingredients and provide a buffer for the skin to create the perfect wet shave. We try to cover the spectrum of cost, so you'll find economical options like Proraso, and exquisite choices from Geo F. Trumper and Penhaligon's. Not sure where to start? Our friendly staff would love to help you find your perfect lather.

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