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Bring a flurry of different herbal extracts and essential oils into your shaving routine. The Crown Shaving Co. Supreme Glide Pre Shave Formula is filled with a handful of nature's blessings of different botanic extracts and oils that will surely benefit your skin and prepare it for shaving, to avoid nicks and burns. This treatment has three tasks for you: prepare, repair, and take care.

PREPARE: Infused with glycerin, this formula preps your face by softening hair follicles and moisturizing the face to give your blade a smooth and safe slide. More than that, the Meadowfoam seed oil also locks in moisture, prevents dryness, and gives you a smooth and soft feeling.

REPAIR: Sugar Maple minimizes and mends cell damages caused by free radicals. Healing is further sped up and enhanced with the help of Cranberry extract. Aloe, on the other hand, not only brings moisture but also has miraculous calming and healing properties.

TAKE CARE: Of course, a good pre-shave treatment has to have properties to take care of you. The Orange fruit extract not only provides a light citrus aroma but also has vitamin C and helps the skin be sensitized to the sun's rays. Bilberry extract protects you against damages caused by free radicals and has enriching vitamins B, C, and E which nourishes the skin.

Size: 8 oz bottle/dispenser

Made in Canada.

Product Reviews
I'm happy
Worked great, smelled great. Best pre shave I've used to date.
Blows Away Art of Shaving!
Best pre-shave I've ever used! Was a big fan of The Art of Shaving products but their pre-shave oil cannot hold a candle to this product! Super slick and long lasting. Feels great and smells great! And cheaper than The Art of Shaving to boot!!
Glad i tried it
I was on the fence about using a pre shave but decided to try this one and was glad I did. It does seam to have a warming feeling when I use it and the mild smell is very nice. I will definitely be trying more pre shave products in the future.
I just used this pre shave and without question it is the best with soap or creme. The gel coats your beard and you only need one pump so the product will last. Leaves your face soft and hydrated. Doesn't gum up your razor. It really worked great with my Feather DE SS and DX non folding razors. So far of all the pre shaves I tried and there are a lot, this is the best.
<p>I just went by the store and asked what was recommended for pretty shave this was one of 3 products suggested, I went with it because the amount for the price is good got home used it on my head, the smell is great and got me a close shave no Knicks no irritation definitely a good decision, and I asked for pretty shaves that were not oil I don't like the feel of oil my personal preference</p>
Nice Change
I've used pre shave oils only, and found this to be a nice change. It worked just as well and had some light aromatics to it. So far I enjoy this better than the oils I've used.
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