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Crystal brand double edge razor blades. These double edge blades are Platinum Chrome plated and fit all double edge razors.

Made in Israel.

10 blades per pack.

Packaging may differ from what is shown.

Product Reviews
Inconsistent quality
I bought a 10 pack of these to try because I read they were pretty good for coarse beards. Every blade was sharp and lasted 3-4 shaves which I felt was pretty good. So, I ordered 100 and was immediately disappointed. It must have been a bad lot from the manufacturer because at least half of the blades in the first 10 pack of the hundred were terrible. On the first shaving they weren't cutting well and nicked the hell out of my face. The second 10 pack had the same issue so I sent the others back for a refund. The good blades were really good but unfortunately the overall quality was not there.
Crystal Razor Blades
These just shot up to the top of my rotation. Close, despite a few days growth. Will be ordering more in the future. Great value too.
Best blades ever.
I tried some of the blades from the sample pack and Crystal were the absolute best. Feels like there is no blade in the razor. Very close shave with no irritation at all. This is, of course, for my face and may not be suitable for your face. We all seem to be different and making a choice from samples is the best way to go, imho.
Not sharp enough
I used these on a merkur 34c and I have course hair but sensitive skiin. I found these to be not sharp enough and also lacking in durability. If your beard is not course, I would say they may work. I just thing there are better options.
I got these blades from a different source, but since I was browsing here I wanted to comment on them. I have used several blades, Derby, Family Dollar (Personna), Dollar General (Dorco), WalMart Wilkinsons, and Indian Gillette Green. While I have not a problem with any of them, these Crystals are far and away superior. All the other blades made me regret trying a fourth shave. I Have now finished my seventh shave with the one Crystal I have used and I still don't intend to change it out. It just keeps shaving smoothly with no irritation. A couple of tips from a newb DE shavor: DO NOT get obsessed with getting too close a shave. You will beat your face up and this will cause you problems the next day. If you aren't getting your 5 O'clock shadow until 10PM, you are shaving too close. You should have a shadow on your drive home from work. If you don't beat your face up, you can give yourself an additional shave in the evening if you are going out and don't want a shadow. The other tip is one I read about and works great. Your beard has oils on it from your skin that waterproof it. Wash your face with enthusiasm using your hands and bath soap before you hydrate it (preferably in the shower). This allows the water to actually penetrate your beard and soften it. When I get in the shower, I wash my face first and then run it under the shower a few times as I take the rest of my shower. Then I hit the pause button on the shower head and shave in the shower. The trickel from the shower head is enough to rinse the razor and I can hear the blade working with the water reduced to a trickel. Anyway, these blades are cheap and fantastic. Buy the 100 pack.
great blade
this blades in my futur razor work great! sharp and smooth better than the astra blade in my opinion. I'm still trying different types of blades my personal rate so far 1. Crystal 2.Merkur and 3.Astra. I've got the closest and smoothest shave with this blade than the ones I've try before... or maybe I am just getting better at shaving with a DE razor " I just made the transition from cartridge to wetshaving" you can't beat the price for 10 blades when the rest come in sets of 5 for almost the same price.
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