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Crystal Stainless Steel Double Edge Razor Blades

Crystal brand double edge razor blades have been with us since the very beginning. There were one of the original five we used to invent the very first wet shaving sampler pack. They are made by American Safety Razor, now part of Energizer. Quality blades that balance sharpness and comfort and offered at a great price. These will fit all standard safety razors.

Crystal Double Edge Blades
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Crystal Stainless Steel Double Edge Razor Blades Reviews
Crystal Blades
Crystal Double Edge Razor Blades I bought the Everything Variety Pack and went through every brand before I got to this one because the packaging was the most plain, but this was by far the best one. I have pretty course beard hair and pretty soft skin, but I almost never knick myself or get any irritation from these blades. Also, they last forever. I have a beard, but I shave my neck every other day and one blade lasted me a month. What an amazing find!
I HAD to review these.
Crystal Double Edge Razor Blades "These blades are in all of the sample packs and have a sort of generic looking package, so I feel like maybe they get overlooked. I have a beard that I would say is average in terms of thickness, maybe a just on the thicker side, but there are several blades that I like, so maybe it is easy to shave and my skin isn't very sensitive. Having said that, I got a pack of these in a sample pack and felt that it would be irresponsible of me not to tell people how good they felt. I can get a good close shave with a lot of blades, but these gave me no irritation whatsoever. I love them.
One of my favorite blades
Crystal Double Edge Razor Blades "I purchased these the first time and liked them, ordered other blades to try, then kept re-ordering these. they have a good edge without being overly aggressive, but long lasting. I don't seem to get as much razor burn either. great blade for the money.
Great blade!
Crystal Double Edge Razor Blades (100 Blades) This is the best blade for the sensitive skin on my neck. I have tried 4 or 5 others and keep coming back to these. WCS has good pricing and they ship promptly. I recently had a problem with my order and it was promptly taken care. Thanks, WCS! You are the best!
Great value
Crystal Double Edge Razor Blades.I found Crystal blades gave me excellent shaves after using them in West Coast blade sample pack. It took me over a month to evaluate the different blades making notes on each blade as I used them. Crystal stood out and I bought them a couple of more times. A low price and great performance leads me to a 5 rating.
Was what I expected.
Great blades, give them a try.
Crystal Double Edge Razor Blades (100 Blades).Crystals are second only to my beloved Israeli Reds. I have a fairly tough beard and sensitive skin but get 5 to 7 close, irritation free shaves.
Very fine. Getting a really
Crystal Double Edge Razor Blades.Very fine. Getting a really clean shave.
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