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Cyril R Salter

Cyril R. Salter is a great brand from England that has a very complete variety of fragrances. Anyone is sure to find something in this line that will suit them. Their cream whips into a rich lather that is very stable and easy to create. Their fragrances smell fabulous, and they use real essential oils. While they are a relatively young company in relation to fellow experts in England, they seem to really understand what it takes to make exquisite products. They have been providing quality toiletries to gentlemen since the 1950s. These highly luxurious creams are an excellent value due to quality performance at an affordable price. We are proud to carry a few of their accessories as well, including a mirror and one of the most excellent and versatile stands in the shop. This is a line that we have carried at West Coast for a long time and has remained a good product throughout time.

Cyril R Salter Shaving Cream
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Cyril R Salter Reviews
Cyril R Salter Sublime Citrus
Wonderful light Citrus scent. Good lather. Nice product!
Kept it for myself...
Cyril R Salter Wild Rose Luxury Shaving Cream LOVE this, nice shave, kept it for myself. They need an after-shave lotion for follow-up.
Good price for lots of
Cyril R Salter Wild Rose Luxury Shaving CreamGood price for lots of lather and a sick, smooth shave.
Good cream, great scent
Cyril R Salter Indian Sandalwood Luxury Shaving CreamThis is a great sandalwood cream! The scent is spot-on for Indian sandalwood, and it builds into a nice lather
Classic quality
Cyril R Salter Classic Almond Shaving Cream.I have tried 3 of the Cyril R. Salter line of shave creams, and they are all among the best I've tried. The Classic Almond has a light, almond scent that is not overpowering. The shave, using a DE razor, is smooth with excellent glide and protection. Afterwords, my face is left feeling smooth, soft and refreshed. Incredible shave cream!
Salter Lime
Cyril R Salter Essential Lime Luxury Shaving Cream.As good as TOBS and a little more for the price
Great shave creme
Cyril R Salter French Vetiver Luxury Shaving Cream.I really enjoy cyril r salter french vetiver. It makes tons of thick lather thats both slick and luxurious. But the scent, wow. It has a delicious funkiness, that stays with you all day. It is earthy and dark. I finish it with a vetiver aftershave that is light and sweet (Crusella&Co vetiver). The combo leaves me with a full vetiver spectrum experience.
I have had to revise my standards...
Cyril R Salter French Vetiver Luxury Shaving Cream.I have used several quality shaving creams: TOBS, Proraso, Tabac, Art of Shaving, etc. These are all very, very good shave creams and soaps, and well worth using. However, I used the Cyril R. Salter shave cream for the first time today, and have to say that all the rest pale in comparison. Details: I used a Perma-Sharp Super blade (a 4/5 star blade) in a Merkur 1904/1906 closed comb razor (my daily driver). The brush was a WSP Silvertip Badger brush. In other words, I was using decent equipment. I also use a bowl to first soak the brush in hot water, then to whip up the lather. Using about an almond size "scoop" of the Cyril R. Salter, I noticed that the bubbles started out big but then grew finer and more dense. The scent of the French Vetiver reminded me of a walk in the fall woods with leaves being kicked around. Quite different, but very pleasant! Spreading the lather on my face, I could already tell this was an excellent shave cream. After doing my traditional three lather, three pass shave, then rinsing and wiping down with a cool wash rag, I noticed that the shave was one of the best I had ever had. My face was left feeling moist and smooth, there was a mild reminder of the fragrance of the Vetiver and everything was just "right". Bottom line in most people's book is, "Would you buy this again?" My answer is "YES, I would certainly buy this product again!" I have a LOT of shave cream in my shaving drawer, and need to work my way through some of it before doing so...but I may just be giving some away, just to make space. No you can't have my TOBS or Tabac. Sorry, guys. But you can get your own Cyril R. Salter, and that means that life is good.
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