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The "letterk" DE Blade Sample pack. This pack provides a convenient way to sample the most popular DE razor blades to find your favorite. This pack includes the Astra Superior Platinum instead of the Merkur Super Platinum, as many new DE users have already tried the Merkur blades.

Includes the following blades:

  • Feather New Hi-Stainless Platinum (10 blades)
  • Crystal or "Israeli" (10 blades)
  • Derby Extra (5 blades)
  • Red Israeli Personna (5 blades)
  • Astra Superior Platinum (5 blades)

  • Note: Image shown is accurate.
    Product Reviews
    Perfect Starter Pack
    I was warned that finding the right blade for your face is a must. This sample pack helps you do just that. There is no way to determine the best blade for your face without simply trying some out. Great product.
    What can i say. For the first time user this sample pack is perfect to find the right blade and has pretty much every blad you might consider any ways.
    Great Starter Package
    I am so glad that I got this package, I was trying to find the right blades at the drug stores and I have an Art of Shaving nearby. The Art of Shaving sells Merkur and Gillette, I started out with the Merkur blades, and UGH pulling and and LOTS of cuts, I am not buying anything else Gillette on principle they have been ripping me off for too many years.

    This package was just what I was looking for. I am going to break down each like another reviewer did

    Derby Extras: Basically same shave as the Merkur blades, lots of pulling and cutting of face. Did not like the results at all.

    Crystals: Slightly better shave for me, but still a fair amount of nicks and cut, less pulling. Ok shave but not what I was wanting from a DE shave.

    Feathers: SHARP doesn't even begin to describe these blades. I told a co-worker that it was like shaving with a scalpel. You never felt it cut you but it did cut me a fair amount, not as bad as other blades, but more than I would have liked. Good shave left me smooth, but I think I lose a couple of layers of skin in the process. I have a think beard, and I really wanted to like these blades, but it wasn't meant to be.

    Personas: I did like these blades pretty well, they were decently sharp, and went through my beard well with no pulling or tugging. There were some nicks here, but not many. Mostly in the chin area. I am just starting to do DE shaving and I think as my technique gets better I will probably like these blades better.

    Astras: My favorite blade in the bunch, gave me a baby smooth shave with very little pulling and NO nicks at all. Really liked the results and the overall shave this blade provides. I see me getting the big packs of these blades in the near future.

    So I really liked the variety in this pack and it let me find my favorite blade to continue down the DE shaving road. Thanks to West Coast Shaving for putting this great pack together at such a great price. I have recommended this to two different people already.
    Great package
    I am currently using my sampler pack, So far The astra blades with my Weber stainless has been the best combo for me....

    Its nice to mix the different blades with my razors ......

    All and all I like the variety ......

    West coast service is awesome !!!
    Find what works for you.
    I just finished up doing a few shaves with each blade in my krona. As it stands right now I can't use the Derbys that feel like they catch on the hair and drag more. The feathers just seem too sharp the first shave felt like it took my face with it. The secondbwas much better. I liked the crystals. Very sharp and gave me a bbs shave with only a nick on the first shave. The red personas were awesome. Felt like they just flew through my hair. And got a bbs smooth shave with no irritation and five shaves out of a blade. Last is the astras wich were just as good if not better then the reds but the blade got a lil rust on it by the 3rd shave with gives the refs the advantage. This is how it stands now. May change as my technique improves. im also going to run the blades through my tech and knack to see if they perfom differently with the razor change. Used a krona cella and a pure badger brush for all.
    Sample pack is brilliant, and blades are quite diverse
    The 5 star rating is for the sample pack, which is excellent. It's a nice variety of blades, and if you can't find one (or more) you like in this pack, then wet shaving probably isn't going to work out for you. This let me order 100 pack of my favorite blades from the pack.

    I'll give my comments on the individual blades in case anyone finds them useful, but keep in mind that your mileage may vary, so you should try these yourself. I should mention that I primarily shave my head, so your experience shaving your face may vary from my experience shaving my head. I will list them in the order I tried them, which seemed like a good order to me. If you're uncertain after trying all of them, go back and try them again, but these seemed like a nice order.

    I should mention that I tried all of these in a Merkur 34C using Taylor of Old Bond Street Sandalwood Shaving Cream and a pure badger brush.

    Derby: I used one for a single shave and never want one near my face ever again. It did not seem very sharp, and it felt like I was pulling the hairs out of my face. I tend to get very few nicks/weepers on my head, but this blade managed to give me an ugly one.

    Red Personna: This was a pretty okay blade, and a decent sharpness/comfort level. It was entirely acceptable shave, though (as I'll mention), I liked others better. This felt a lot like the (Made in Israel) blades I had bought at Rite-Aid while waiting for the pack to come in; based on the feel and comments, I THINK they're the same blade.

    Crystal: This was a very nice blade, which I liked a lot. It was quite smooth and sharp, and felt like it removed the hair pretty effortlessly. This turned out to be my runner-up blade, but not by a large distance, and I would certainly buy more. It was very good for two shaves of my head, and less great for a third.

    Astra: This was my ultimate favorite, with a nice balance of smooth, sharp, and comfortable. I got a quite nice shave without any discomfort, and got three good shaves out of a blade. (I didn't try a fourth yet, but I'm curious to try.) The third shave was probably the tie-breaker with the Crystal for me. I just ordered a 100-pack from WCS. [Note: While lower prices are available elsewhere, WCS' service is fantastic, and given that we're talking about less than $20 (specifically $18) for approximately a year's supply (100 blades), I can't imagine buying elsewhere. Don't be a jerk; support small business, even if slightly more expensive, when the difference is inconsequential to you.]

    Feather: These are as sharp as everyone says, and this gave me the closest shave. At the same time, I felt like I might also have removed the top layer or two of skin. I don't think that's an experience I want to repeat with any regularity, but if I ever needed the absolute closest shave possible (and I can't figure out why I'd ever need a shave closer than the Astra gave me), this would be my go-to blade. But it wasn't quite as pleasant an experience as I'd like.
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    what order do you recommend to try the different blades in the choice package?
    August 12, 2015 8:08 PM
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    From least sharpest to sharpest goes like this. Derby, Crystal, Astra, Personna, Feather.
    kkish57673 August 13, 2015 10:45 AM