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The "letterk" DE Blade Sample pack. This pack provides a convenient way to sample the most popular DE razor blades to find your favorite. This pack includes the Astra Superior Platinum instead of the Merkur Super Platinum, as many new DE users have already tried the Merkur blades.

Includes the following blades:

  • Feather New Hi-Stainless Platinum (10 blades)
  • Crystal or "Israeli" (10 blades)
  • Derby Extra (5 blades)
  • Red Israeli Personna (5 blades)
  • Astra Superior Platinum (5 blades)

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  • Product Reviews
    Great way to figure out what's best.
    <p>Great products. It took a week to get to me in Florida. The feathers ended up being my favorites and the blades I will stick with from now on. Thanks West Coast Shaving!</p>
    Great Sampler Pack
    This is a great blade sampler pack to find which blade works best for your face. My face is normal except the neck which is highly sensitive, but unfortunately also where the densest growth and hairs are as well. I started with the Crystal, let me mention that for whatever reason the first blade out of the pack was not wide enough. I don't know what happened with their quality control that day but the edge did not stick out far enough on either side of my razor to even cut a single hair. I threw on a new blade and I was cutting finally, but it left a hell of a lot of bloody spots on my sensitive neck. Not recommended for sensitive skin. I then switched to the Personna, this was originally my favorite blade, no cuts, smooth shave, but it was too grabby around my chin and almost hurt as it was cutting that portion of my face. No cuts though so I thought I would just have to tough it out. The next day I tried out the Astra Platinums. Almost as good as the Personna in that I only got one tiny cut on my neck, but it was ALOT better around my chin. I finally realized that the blade is not supposed to feel like it is tearing out my chin hairs as I shaved. I then switched to the Feather, this one rated with the crystal for me, just too sharp for my sensitive skin, I had several cuts on my neck again although I did not feel any pain as I was shaving so I know the blade was sharp. I finally tried the Derby Extras, and I only wish now that I had tried it first! My favorite by far, shaved great, didn't tear my chin hairs, no cuts, cleaned up my neck nicely with barely any redness at all except a few tiny problem areas that I had to go over several times, but they faded within a few minutes. I now know which blade works best for me, I recommend you try this pack out to see what works best for you, cheers!
    First Sampler
    This was the first blade sampler I've purchased and it's been great trying out the different brands. My razor came with Derby blades, which seemed a little dull for me. The order I tried them: Astra, Red Personna, Crystal, then Feather. I ended up enjoying the Red Personna best, though I'd like to keep trying as my technique improves.
    Great Starter Sampler
    I love this sampler. The Astras ended up being the blade that gave me the closest shave and didn't leave my neck irritated.
    Perfect sampler
    So I've finally made it once through the rotation on all of these. As a note, I have extremely sensitive skin... 1) Personna. Smooth, close, comfortable. I could even shave across the grain without any fear. BBS perfection. 2) Astra. Equally comfortable and confidence inspiring, but not as close without extra passes. Still no irritation though. 3) Derby. 2 or 3 really good shaves then it dulled up pretty quick. A little tugging after the first couple but still comfortable and not much irritation. Not as sharp as 1 or 2 but still nice. I would love to be able to buy a sampler of just 1,2,&3 together. That would be a pretty nice lil rotation. 4) Feather. Ultra sharp. Too sharp for my face. Don't get me wrong, no cuts and I don't think that it was my technique, I just felt like it was peeling my skin off along with the whiskers. 5) Crystal. One shave and I threw it away. Maybe it was too sharp, maybe it was too dull, maybe my face was just being picky today. I couldn't even finish the shave without wiping blood away between passes. I'll give them another chance when their spot comes up again but I'm not looking forward to it. WCS...make the sampler I described above and I'll buy it day one!!!
    Excellent way to start!
    So happy I bought this. I've been using an overpriced blade I bough from a brick and mortar store before I found this page online. I always though "a blade is a blade" do yourself a favor and buy ones of these starter packs, use them all and find one that works well for you. I personally like the Feather and the Derby blades.