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The "letterk" DE Blade Sample pack. This pack provides a convenient way to sample the most popular DE razor blades to find your favorite.

Includes the following blades:

  • Merkur Super Platinum (10 blades)
  • Feather New Hi-Stainless Platinum (10 blades)
  • Crystal or "Israeli" (10 blades)
  • Derby Extra (5 blades)
  • Red Israeli Personna (5 blades)

    Note: Image is not up to date. The Gillette Platinum blades are not included because they have been discontinued.

  • Product Reviews
    Great Value
    This is the perfect item for someone who is looking to find the perfect blade. I was not really sure which blade I was really wanted and decided to try the sample pack. I am very pleased that I did because I ended up liking a different brand than the one I was thinking about getting. I was at first considering getting the Merkur, because that is what came with my Merkur razor. But I found I liked that Feather blades a bit more.
    Only way to start
    Resumed DE wet shaving after 45 years of cartridges and foam. Stated with Derby and worked up the sharpness scale: merkur, personna red then crystal. Haven't tried the feathers yet and may not as the Crystals are The best for me. All gave me an excellent shave of at least 5 days and up to 7 or even 10. The only difference with the less sharp derby and merkur is after 4 or 5 shaves its not as close, ie: the next day there's a heavier beard to shave. I've also tried the Walmart available Wilkinson Swords. Those work equally well and have the benefit of low cost availability whenever I want them ( a pack of ten will take me two months) without having to buy in big quantities lasting a year to 2 years and paying shipping costs. Everyone is different and you'll have to experiment to see what's best for you.
    Great starter pack
    This is a good selection of some of the better blades. I'm really glad there are only five brands because if there had been more, it would take way too long to decide which to use. So far my favorite is the Astra. It's a great blade for everyday shaving. The Feather gives me the closest shave with only a "little" danger involved.
    Great starter pack
    This is the best way to find out which blade works best with your beard. I really liked the Crystal, Derby, and Personna blades. I ended up buying the 100 pack of Crystal's because I liked them so much. The Feather though a great blade was a bit too aggressive for my face and the Merkur blade just did not work for me, lot's of nicks and cuts.
    Great Way to Start
    I ordered this pack because I was new to DE shaving. I would say my beard and skin is "normal". 1. Derby - Almost no irritation and best shave. 2. Astra - Very close to Derby and I would say almost the same but some irritation after a few uses. 3. Crystal - Good but didn't seem to shave as close as #1 & #2 - irritation similar to #2. 4. Feather - As they say, razor sharp but caused razor burn on my neck even with shave oil. 5. Merkur - Razor burn and I seemed to nick myself more often.
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