Wet Shaving, Luxury Grooming and Smiles
The D.R. Harris Candle in Juniper and Pine brings the ambiance of a forest right into your home. It can burn for up to 40 hours or more, so you'll have plenty of evenings by warm candlelight to enjoy. The scent in this candle comes from essential oils, which makes them perfectly light and airy, not cheap or smelling of perfume. They're made of organic vegetable wax, offering a very mellow, slow burn.

The Juniper & Pine candle is perfect for the winter holidays and the cold months surrounding them, as its forest and pine-y flavors are fresh and cool. But you will soon find that this scent works any time of year if you want to make your home smell great. These candles make delightful host and hostess gifts. The scent is so mellow and gentle that it won't at all offend those who might have a problem with certain perfumes. This is high-quality, so it shows class, refinement and elegance. Combine that with the long burn time and you have a great product. It's not going to burn down in the space of a night and the aroma is classy enough for even the most discerning recipient. Keep a few in your stash so you are never empty-handed whenever a gift is needed!

Made in England.