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If you want to scent your home with something that is elegant, but also light and rather youthful, the D.R. Harris Candle in Orange, Clove and Cinnamon is an excellent choice. It's made out of organic vegetable wax and essential oils. That translates to a burn time of 40 hours or more, meaning that there's a lot of value in this votive. The Orange, Clove & Cinnamon candle is spicy, sweet, and warm--perfect for the winter months when you want to keep the cold out and the warmth inside. But the lovely citrus orange makes this a year-round essential.

The glass is embossed and it comes in a classy looking box, which means this makes a great gift, should you need one. High-quality gifts like these are appreciated by any man. The aroma coming from this quality product comes from a very popular men's grooming supply manufacturer that has a reputation for quality, and there's nothing about this candle that changes that. This is made well through and through, it lasts long enough to be more than worth the money, and it is a great choice for those who only want the best products in their home.

Made in England.