Wet Shaving, Luxury Grooming and Smiles
For over 200 years, the chemists of D.R. Harris have been making luxury scented products that are close to perfection. Now they have crafted candles for your home of their most popular scents from 100% organic plant wax blended with the finest essential oils.

This D.R. Harris Candle comes in the Windsor scent that has so many people talking. It's very elegant, it has a manly scent to it that makes it perfect for a guy's house, but it's also very refined. This beautifully embossed glass votive makes it a great gift, and if you're looking for something for a guy who likes to keep his house smelling great, this or another candle from this fine line can really make a great impression.

In fact, this particular candle is made so well that it can burn in excess of 40 hours before being spent. The smell is excellent for the holidays and the winter months but, on a summer night, it also gives off remarkable smell that is memorable. Black pepper, vetiver, citrus and other notes are all quite noticeable, very pleasant, and rendered here in a way that lends a stately, refined atmosphere anywhere somebody lights one of these up.

Made in England.