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The D.R. Harris Leather Military Wash Pack in tan has elegant looks, but don't let that deceive you. This is designed after the pattern of military wash packs, and it has waterproof lining and four different pockets for you to put your accessories in. It all comes together with a leather strap buckle which holds everything together securely. This combines the best elements of something that looks great but that is, just underneath the surface, rugged enough to hold up to trying usage.

For men who travel a lot, it's oftentimes beneficial to get an entire shaving kit for the road. This ensures that you can purchase high quality items that are maybe a little bit less than you would pay for the kit you use at your own home, offering you great performance, a great shave and a way to make certain that, whether you are home or away, you have quality shaving implements available to you. If you want to dial the class up a notch when you are traveling, this is a great way to do it. You're certain to be happy with the way it preserves your accessories and, of course, it just looks really classy.

25 x 16 x 4cm - folded

25 x 41cm - open

Made in England.

Product Reviews
Premium quality, practical and a good price
This premium quality wash pack,crafted by Daines & Hathaway for DR Harris, is for taking some of your favourite grooming supplies with you when traveling. It is not intended for aerosol cans and other drugstore items. Nor is it a substitute for your medicine cabinet at home. The big pockets will hold a military style hair brush or even a DR Harris face cloth. There is enough room for a razor (I take a short handle razor when traveling), blades, tooth brush, travel size toothpaste, travel size shampoo, travel size shave soap (stick or tube), a small badger brush and a small manicure set. In short, this is intended for good quality travel items, of which West Coast shaving has a wide selection. I also doubt that their price for the Wash Pack can be beat. This is a good buy for anyone looking for superior quality kit.
Gorgeous, but small
Beautiful wetpack. Very high quality. Biggest drawback is its size. Once you put anything inside, it won't fold properly. Couldn't even fit a regular size deodorant inside the largest pocket. Unfortunately, I will be returning it because it is almost completely unusable.
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