Wet Shaving, Luxury Grooming and Smiles
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Item Number: OP-DRH-005
Availability: Discontinued
This black D.R. Harris Leather Travel Wash Bag has the classic flat-bottomed design that makes it very easy to work with at a hotel sink, or anywhere else you find yourself. It has a very large opening, so you won't find yourself stuffing items into it without knowing where they're really going. For people who are very organized, that is a major plus. While this is made out of leather, it is provided with waterproof lining, so you don't have to worry about ruining it if you happen to put something in it while it's still a little bit wet.

With the right accessories, you can make certain that you are really tending to your hygiene, even when you might be many miles from home. Take a look at our other travel grooming supplies and you'll see that you have many options for staying clean, neat and keeping your skin healthy when you are away. Once you know this, you won't spend any more time rushing to a local drugstore to get supplies for the hotel room that will invariably end up giving you rashes, bumps and nicks galore.

Made by Daines & Hathaway for D.R. Harris.

Made in England.
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