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  • A moisturizing cleanser from D.R. Harris
  • Perfect for all skin types
  • Made in England

Want to treat yourself like royalty? Look no further than D.R. Harris's line of soaps, creams, perfumes, and more. This apothecary was founded in 1790 and has been serving gentry and royalty the world over for two centuries. 

Their Milk of Cucumber and Roses is one of their most popular skincare products. While deep cleaners can often strip skin of vital moisture, this milky lotion is as soothing and rejuvenating as it is cleansing. A little can go a long way to leave your face healthy, soft, and glowing. 

The unobtrusive rose scent leaves a clean smell and lingers subtly for most of the day. For women, this lotion can be used as a mild cleanser, make-up remover, or even a light make-up base. It is great for all skin types - normal, combination, or oily - and works wonders on blemishes and acne. Even those with sensitive skin can benefit from this splurge in luxury. 

Invest in yourself! Get D.R. Harris Milk of Cucumber and Roses and display it proudly. 

Size: 150ml 

Made in England