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D.R. Harris Rosemary shampoo bar, 50g
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The D.R. Harris Shampoo Bar quickly produces a voluminous lather making this a very economical and ecologically friendly method of hair-washing. Presented in an aluminum tin this is a perfect product for travel.

The rosemary is highly invigorating. Colorings are all from vegetable or food coloring sources.

Size: 50g

Made in England.
Product Reviews
Great Lather. No Scent
This is an interesting case. If this shampoo bar had any smell, I would rate it as 4 stars. But the reality is, it doesn't smell at all. When first out of the tin, it has a smell. However when I lathered up with it, I smelled my hands, nothing...Now, mind you, I don't need an overpowering scent that stays on me for days. But this bar really has zero scent when using. Atleast to me. I will say this thing lathers and lathers well! if you want a simple shampoo bar with no frills, this is it. though a tad pricey.
Unbelievable - buy it!!!!
What can I say, I really like this product a lot!! D.R. Harris - Rosemary Shampoo Bar, I hope to use this product exclusively!
We love it
Shampoo that's not liquid? Yes! And it is wonderful to use. Still trying all four scents and liking each one. This is another step in our goal to eliminate all liquids from our carry-on when using the airport, yet still be able to carry useful toiletries.