Wet Shaving, Luxury Grooming and Smiles
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Twist to open butterfly safety razor.  Comes with plastic case.
Product Reviews
What a piece of junk
Don't bother. This razor is poor quality. Doesn't compare to the Parkers or Merkurs. It is light, tinny and poorly made. Even at the bargain price, it isn't worth it. This is the Yugo of razors.
Derby Razor
I bought this for a travel razor. My only other DE razor is an Edwin Jagger DE89L (fabulous razor!) This is what it is...an inexpensive razor that does not measure up to the higher fit and finish of more expensive razors. I took a file to the edge of the razor to remove some metal burrs that were present. Regarding performance, it was more aggressive than expected. I wish I'd saved and bought a second Jagger to travel with. 3 stars because it is priced right but needs better quality control.
Derby butterfly razor
I really like Derby blades. I bought the Derby razor. I love it!
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