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Derby Extra double edge razor blades. These double edge blades are chromium-ceramic, tungsten and platinum plated and fit all double edge razors.

Made in Turkey.

20 packs of 5 blades each (100 blades total).

Product Reviews
Derby Razor Blades
I have tried several blades and frankly they all work for me, that's if you do your prep work properly. So it comes down to price. Several brands can be bought so cheap that it makes cartridge shaving a rip off. I like Derby but I like several others too. I have been paying c $10.00 for 100 blades. With DE shaving, let the razor do the work, if you force it you will get cuts
Good blade
I've been using these for over a year now, get good close shaves. I have tried others over the years, mostly from local stores, Gillette, Wilkinson, personna etc. My local stuff is limited so I bought these and don't regret it. I think these out shave others that cost much more, Feather ( which I think is as bad as Wilkinson) cant give as good a shave. Astra is about the only other blade that I've tried that comes close.
Derby blades are dynamite!
I used the Derby which came with my Edwin Jagger DE87 after I started with a Wilkinson. The Derby blade is an outstanding choice for beginner and expert alike Five days, ZERO cuts, ZERO blood, close and comfortable. I highly recommend it.
These are my favorite blades. I always get a nick and weeper free shave with them. While not as sharp as some blades, they allow you to apply more pressure thus giving you more control over your shave. I can get up to 9 shaves from a single blade and the price is excellent. I would highly recommend this blades.
The Best Blade For Me
I use an Edwin Jagger DE89 razor on a thick wire bristle beard. I've tried Feather, Sharp, Astra, Crystal, 7 AM Blue, and Wilkerson blades and these are my favorites. I shave 4 passes each day for a BBS, and get 3 shaves from each blade. They are the smoothest and least irritating for my neck area, tying the Feather brand but overall beating them out when factoring price into the equation. My go to blade of choice.
I chose the Derby's myself
The blades you choose should be a personal thing. Take the time to go through a sample back of blades first and pick for yourself. These are simply the blades I decided on and I'm happy with them. Not too sharp for my sensitive skin yet plenty of cutting power to get the job done.