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Derby Razor Blades & Shave Cream

Until recently, there were not many wet shaving products still made in the USA. However, in some international markets double edge razors are alive and well with many manufacturers. Derby is made in Turkey and is one of our more popular economy brands. But the prices don't reflect the quality and performance. We've had the blades since day one of our store in 2007, and they have been and still are one of our best sellers. The DE razor is a great entry level option with a mild shave. And the shave creams are surprisingly good. If you want to try out classic shaving but aren't yet sure about the initial expense, Derby is an inexpensive way to get started.

Derby Shave Cream & Blades
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Derby Razor Blades & Shave Cream Reviews
Great product great price
Derby Extra Double Edge Razor Blades (100 Blades) "Great razors at a great price. West Coast Shaving's customer service is also the best so I will always buy here.
smooth as silk shaves great.
Derby Extra Double Edge Razor Blades (100 Blades) "Smmoth as silk with my new WC Midnght 84Cseries. Last longer than others I've tried.
Derby Lemon
Derby Moisturizing Super Lemon Shave Cream "Very good value for the money, only area it lacks is product to lather ratio. In comparison to Trumpers, or other more costly creams you will find yourself using more cream to generate the necessary lather, however at the low price point it is not a major shortcoming. Scent is true to form without coming off artificial or overpowering. This and Ingram's cream fall into my weekday workhorse category - gets the job done very well and economically.
Not bad, but I like
Derby Extra Double Edge Razor Blades "Not bad, but I like Astra a lot better
A Lemon Shave
Derby Moisturizing Super Lemon Shave Cream Pair this with Thayer's Lemon Witch Hazel as an after shave and a Lemon Cologne. Great in summer but refreshing anytime.
I still want to know
Derby Extra Double Edge Razor Blades I still want to know why my order was cancelled? I did not cancel it and wonder how it happened.
Derby Menthol
Derby Moisturizing Super Menthol Shave Cream The old adage is true. You get what you pay for. The menthol seemed a little weak, but for less than $3 a tube, how can you complain? I'll use the tube until it's gone, but I won't reorder when it's finished.
Gave them a 2nd chance...glad I did
Derby Extra Double Edge Razor Blades I did not like these at all when I was first starting out - they were tuggy, and left lots of weepers and irritation. Over time, I learned how to properly hydrate my stubble, as well as find a razor that I absolutely love (Rockwell 6S using plate setting 2). That razor/blade combo with proper prep is an amazing, comfortable shave. If you've moved to a different razor after some experience, you might try revisiting these blades - they might surprise you. Plus, they're so cheap! These and Astra SP are my go-to, but I tend to favor the Derbys since they get me just a little smoother with fewer passes.
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