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Original Dominica Bay Rum Aftershave is a naturally pure organic fragrance with no artificial dyes, fragrances, or synthetic enhancers of any kind. The art of making authentic quality bay rum lies in the masterful blending of the purest of alcohol and the leaf oil extract from the Noble Bay Laurel Tree (Laurus nobilis). Its generous topical application tones, conditions, and leaves skin feeling clean, fresh, smooth, and lightly scented.

Made in Commonwealth of Dominica, W.I.

Size: 10 oz

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Product Reviews
I like
Got a sample from WCS with last order. It is a fine scent, and the burn is pleasant. I prefer this Bay Rum to the Captain. Now if only WCS gets it back in stock, I will order it.
I just received a sample of this aftershave from WCS. I don't know what's wrong with this sample but I don't like it and I can't imagine anyone else liking it. They call this aftershave Bay Rum. I like Rum as a drink but I'm not familiar with Bay Rum aftershave so I don't know what Bay Rum should smell like; But in this case I think this RUM is cheap or the BAY is contaminated. For me it stinks! I would not dare use it and go out with it. However this i only my opinion; some people like it. Guess is different strokes for different folk. If someone can recommend a better smelling Bay Rum aftershave I will appreciate it. Thanks!
My face is on fire.
For the size, its definitely a great value. $12 for ten ounces as opposed to the usual four ounces is a no brainer. As for the aftershave itself, I've never felt a stronger burn; when I first tried it I was almost stunned by how strong it was, but my skin feels amazing after it cools. The fragrance is definitely pretty strong, my closed bottle lightly scents my entire bedroom, and I like that.
Strongest and BEST Bay Rum aftershave out there!
This aftershave is very strong and just awesome smelling and it lingers, too!! It's expensive, but it's worth the $12 price. The scent is best described as heavy on the cloves, that's spicy, almost smokey fragrance that doesn't dissipate as easily as other Bay Rum products. It soothes, refreshes and heals any nicks on the face or neck. It tones the skin after each shave or just to brighten up the moment and it instantly gives off the feeling and smell of licorice, clove, orange zest and Caribbean spices.
Island Refreshment
My order just arrived. I love the glass bottle and cork. This alcohol-based aftershave packs quite a kick. The scent leans very much toward cloves with other spices, too. It is a refreshing eye-opener. Pat it on and feel your pores tightening. Very nice. This is a keeper.
Can't imagine using anything else.
I've been using Dominica Bay Rum for about a decade and a half now. The scent is light and natural, it feels great when you splash it on, and it does the same things for your skin that any other mostly-alcohol aftershave would do. By "natural," I mean that I think it's all boiled up out of local herbs 'n' spices - no powerful commodity oils, fixatives, frippery, etc. Allspice (wrongly identified as clove here) indeed predominates. But it smells great, and women love it, so who cares?
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