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Dovo Straight Razors

For a superior shave, you won't find anything that gets as close or lasts as long as a Dovo straight razor. While it takes a little while to learn, mastering the traditional art of the straight edge will you look your best and is very gratifying. And really, it's just cool, too. Choose a Dovo razor in carbon steel for the sharpest edge, or the stainless steel for ease of maintenance. For those just wanting to try the experience, we suggest a Shavette for an inexpensive option with no maintenance.

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Dovo Straight Razors Reviews
Trure Safty Razor
I've used this razor for two weeks, and it is a true safety razor. It help to maintain the 45┬░angle necessary to achieve a proper shave.
Dovo Diamant Straight Razor
This razor is super sharp and gets my thick Rasputin beard off my face!
Does exactly what I bought it for...
I've been looking for something to trim the top of my mustache under my nose. The narrow width of the blade holder makes that possible. In the interest of full disclosure, I probably shouldn't call what I'm using it for shaving. But, I can pick off one hair at a time and make it work. I dinged it one star just because of the flimsy feel. Yes, it is light and easy to control in tight quarters as I mentioned. But, the overall feel is maybe just a little too light. Not a big deal, but it's not a very expensive piece of equipment either.
Great quality
I would definitely recommend this razor to someone looking for high quality razor at a decent price. I'm a little disappointed that it didn't come with the secondary badge that's on the picture as it seems to set the whole look off. I have also noticed a little of the stain bleeding onto the sink if my hands are a bit on the damp side. It did come shave ready (even though I didn't pay the extra) All in all it's a nice razor and seems to be something that I can pass down to my son when the time comes
Did my homework...
Dovo "Astrale" Ebony 5/8" Straight Razor I read everything I could on straight edge razors and compared the offerings of several sites. My son was very surprised and pleased with his Christmas gift.
Husband loved both products
Dovo "Classic" Straight Razor, Black Handle, 5/8" Bought it for him for Christmas and he absolutely lived every product.
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