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For a superior shave, you won't find anything that gets as close or lasts as long as a Dovo straight razor. While it takes a little while to learn, mastering the traditional art of the straight edge will you look your best and is very gratifying. And really, it's just cool, too. Choose a Dovo razor in carbon steel for the sharpest edge, or the stainless steel for ease of maintenance. For those just wanting to try the experience, we suggest a Shavette for an inexpensive option with no maintenance.

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Dovo Straight Razors Reviews
Great product
This light weight German made shavette is an ideal product to learn the art of shaving with a straight razor because you can feel what's going on. With heavier types of shavettes it's more difficult to feel the slight nuances to get the correct angle. Free shipping is an absolute ridiculous joke. First order took ELEVEN days! Second order took TEN days!! Lame
Straight Razor
A good product.
nice shave
This is another stepping stone to a straight razor. started with 3 blade cartridge razor, moved to a DE safety razor, to this. There is a learning curve, but if you take your time works great. I feel it gives me the closest shave yet. comes with a holder so you can even used the blades from your DE safety razor. cant beat the price.
Excellent Razor
I purchased this razor to replace a similar Dovo razor I bought over 25 years ago (I broke the scales accidentally, but the razor is still in excellent, super sharp condition.) Anyway, the quality of the Forestal is outstanding, and it provides a close comfortable shave.
I think these German razors...5/8 & full hollow...offer great feel, economical price and a soft and silky result found nowhere else. Yew wood is an interesting choice-the wood of the legendary English longbows-has such high natural oil content it mostly won't accept a man- made finish over what it was created with. Great & thoughtful choice for razor scales!
Quality Razor
Purchased this razor about a month ago and have shaved with it several times. This is a beautiful, quality razor that has more than met my expectations. It is one of the razors in my collection that I look forward to using. Highly recommended.
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