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Dovo Straight Razors

For a superior shave, you won't find anything that gets as close or lasts as long as a Dovo straight razor. While it takes a little while to learn, mastering the traditional art of the straight edge will you look your best and is very gratifying. And really, it's just cool, too. Choose a Dovo razor in carbon steel for the sharpest edge, or the stainless steel for ease of maintenance. For those just wanting to try the experience, we suggest a Shavette for an inexpensive option with no maintenance.

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Dovo Straight Razors Reviews
Dovo "Astrale" Ebony 5/8" Straight Razor
Beautiful razor...great smooth shave for the 1st time, but had to send it off for rehoning after only 1 shave. Fast shipping!
Dovo Shavette Clear Blade Holder
Works as intended and feels more durable than the original red holder. Oddly on the packaging of this item it said red holder. This holder is a little bit thicker than the original so I have to use more force when putting it in and taking it out.
Blade holder
Dovo Shavette Black Blade Holder "Works great and had no issuse using it.
Sharp and elegant
Dovo "Astrale" Ebony 5/8" Straight Razor "What can I haven't used it for long buts it's the closet shave I've had with the most beautiful razor I've used.
Great Razor
Dovo Shavette Straight Razor, Blue with Black Handle "Ordering, shipping, and receiving this item went very smoothly. This light razor is easy to use and shaves close. Take your time when shaving and it will do what it is designed to do effortlessly.
Second razor
Dovo "Special" Tortoise 5/8 Straight Razor "This is my second straight razor. I opted for the hone. I've straight razor shaved for about 8 months, and this razor out of the box was exactly what I wanted but could never achieve with my last one. Not even close. I thought I had been doing something wrong the whole time, turns out it was what I was using. Not sure how much of a difference was the razor or the hone, but either way I am very happy.

Feels very solid, very sturdy compared to my last razor (Boker classic), feels like it weighs about twice as much which adds confidence. Jimps are very nice to have. I'm honestly scared to even strop it for fear of losing the crazy sharp edge it has. Not to mention it's nice to look at.
Very impressed
Dovo "Pearl" Straight Razor, Imitation Pearl Handle, 5/8" "I have been shaving with a shavette razor for almost two years to hone my skills and encourage myself to make a large purchase like this one. I was extremely impressed on how sharp the blade was from the box after selecting to have it honed and sharpened by West Coast Shaving. It shaved very well. Also a work of art. Money well spent.
First Straight
Dovo 6/8" Straight Razor with Black Handle "This is a well made instrument. I had WCS hone it for me and it is really sharp. It feels really good in your hands and shaves really nice. It's really good quality for the price. Definitely a good starter straight razor.
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