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Duke Cannon

Metrosexuals and Pottery Barn shoppers, avert your eyes. Everybody good? Okay. So here's the thing. Duke Cannon doesn't much care for all that "sensitive man" stuff. He doesn't want to pretty you up with patchouli, and he's not trying to soften your complexion. Duke wants you to feel like the man you are, not the man Cosmo wants you to be. Of course, there's nothing saying a man who works with his hands has to reek like the big game he's hunting or the engine he's fixing. The Duke Cannon Supply Co. has the right products to tackle all the big messes and big smells that come with getting your hands dirty digging up your masculinity. Whether it's a Big Ass brick of soap you need, or a hard-working hair wash that will attract the ladies without making you smell like one, you know who's got you covered.

Duke Cannon Grooming Products
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Duke Cannon Reviews
Awesome soap Dad, thanks
Duke Cannon "Big Ass Brick of Soap", Accomplishment "I purchased the Duke Cannon soap for my four sons, each received a bar of the soap for a Christmas gift. Feedback from my sons including two in the military is they love the soap! Thank you!
Son loves the soap
Duke Cannon "Big 'ol Brick of Hunting Soap" I bought this as a gift for my oldest son who is the dedicated hunter in the family. He loves the soap and is really looking forward to using the soap in the future for his outdoor harvesting activities.
Smell good
Duke Cannon??After Shave Balm Is there a cologne or after shave that matches this shave balm???
Good for Allergic Types
Duke Cannon Superior Grade Shaving Cream Most creams have stuff in them that makes me wet sneeze for hours. This doesn't. Also, it doesn't need to "lather" to make for a good shave. It holds water and stays slick just fine. I use it with a standard DE razor and I'm happy. Granted, I haven't tried many others, but this is just fine for me.
Happy so far
Duke Cannon "Big Ass Brick of Soap", AccomplishmentUsing it about two weeks now. Scent is good, but light. Doesn't overpower any of my other products. Rinses clean. Lather is awesome. Just don't buy the tactical soap bag with it. The bag fits too tight and I couldn't get it to lather without removing the soap. Also the bag keeps the soap from drying very well. I will be buying this again.
Feeling supreme
Duke Cannon "Big Ass Brick of Soap", Naval SupremacyGreat bar of soap. All I use is Dukes; and this scent is just perfect. Lathers well, rinses clean, subtle scent. Always have a bar in reserve...
Soap that does the jobI
Duke Cannon Heavy Duty Hand Soap.It takes the greese and grim right off with little effort.
Good stuff
Duke Cannon "Big Ass Brick of Soap", Victory.Smells great, cleans well. worth every penny
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